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May 20th, 2004

How is it that a Christian Dior double saddle handbag in white leather with gunmetal accents can make a girl so happy? Just got it in the mail today, shipped directly from Paris in perfect time for its debut on May 31. Who knows where the rule about only wearing white accessories between Memorial Day and Labor Day originated, but I do my best not to fight it.

What is it about accessories? Shoes, purses, belts, scarves, jewelry, hats, gloves, stockings. I love them all, and the more unique the better. In recent years I’ve come to value quality far above quantity. I’d rather have four exquisite handbags than ten fun ones. A few pairs of heels that make my legs look magnificent, rather than a closet full of functional shoes.

Accessories reveal our own unique flair. When I put on a suit to head to work in the morning I don’t feel so special. But when I tie my pink Hermes Twilly scarf in a bow on the strap of my favorite black shoulder bag, it’s the perfect touch that makes it just so… ME. It’s that little extra that makes me grin all day.

I love being a girl. I’ll take the menstrual cramps and the wage gap, just for the secret joy of wearing Wolford Stay-Hip stockings. I’m good at being a girl, and a girly-girl at that. I stand behind my preference. For it is the girly-girls that make men more manly. And manly men are simply delicious… the most fabulous accessory of all.

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