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May 24th, 2004

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through these days at the office. Today I nearly slapped myself. I was almost certain that I’d been transported into a scene from the movie Office Space. Yes, I believe that’s my stapler.

I still remember going home after my first day on the job and commenting, “Where did they find these people… under rocks?” The cooler ones made side bets on whether or not I’d return from lunch, then voiced surprise when I did. No exaggeration, I don’t belong here.

Yet I’ve been plugging away at it almost two years. Other than the predictable (yet no less frustrating) friction caused by self-important menopausal women, it’s not too bad. But some days it just grinds. If I have to be the staff psychologist I wish I’d at least get paid for it. Sadly, I’m not even paid appropriately for what I was hired to do.

That’s the beauty of a “not for profit” company. Guess I’m supposed to be “not for profit” too. And from the look of things, I’m not supposed to be “for keeping up with the cost of living” either. This place is a hole. Luckily some sunlight makes its way in.

What keeps me going is my belief in our company’s untapped potential. I see what appears to be low-hanging fruit. Unfortunately, I’m turning into the protagonist from one of Aesop’s fables. There are so many bureaucratic barriers that this fox is starting to experience sour grapes.

A co-worker said my job is best described as analagous to Cinderella. I take scraps and leftovers, transform it into something beautiful, and then watch others tear it to shreds before it ever makes it out in public. I’m sure I’ll elaborate some other time, but right now I’m exhausted… and it’s only Monday.

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