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Spring Cleaning

It’s really disgusting how much crap a person can accumulate. I live in a tiny little cracker-box and every nook and cranny seems to be filled with something. I’ve come to learn that having stuff I don’t use is a drain on my psyche. Maybe there’s something to that feng shui noise after all, but I’m not hanging chimes and contemplating strategic mirror placement any time soon.

Our houses are a direct reflection of our hearts. Think about it. It’s a private space where you keep things that are special to you. You’re careful about who you let in. Those of you who have suffered a robbery deeply understand this parallel. Take a look at someone’s living space and you’ll see at least a slice of what’s in their heart.

As I go through a period of heart cleansing, it naturally carries over into my physical space. (Well, that and the recent horror of helping my aunt move in to a new house.) The good news: If the areas I’ve cleared out already are any indication of what’s to come, I’ll end up ridding myself of 50-70% of my personal belongings.

Sifting through all my junk, I find myself riding a roller coaster of emotion. Self-loathing over why I haven’t tackled the job sooner. Confusion about where some of this stuff came from. Sadness for things I find difficult to part with. Anger at marketing people (like me) who entice us to buy crap we don’t need. But most of all, joy over the freedom of being less encumbered.

The local Goodwill is about to have a windfall. I packed up tons of nice things that I just don’t want in my life any more. Why is it we hold on to so many things? Why do our belongings mean something to us about who we are? Clearing it all out is a difficult process, but in the end it’s healthy to let go. It forces you to deeply know who you are today, while providing a final farewell to where you’ve been.

Tonight, the linen closet. Hack and slash, baby… Feels good.

May 17th, 2004

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