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June 30th, 2004

MannequinA tribute to my friend and former co-worker – Jordan. Sorry I wasn’t around to say goodbye and celebrate your last day. Now I remember how boring this place was before you arrived. I suppose we’ll always have In-N-Out… My nostrils will never be the same.

Most people bore me. They either lack character, intelligence, a proper sense of humor, or some combination thereof. I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve met who posses a sharper wit than I do, but Jordan is one of them. Balanced by a general reserve that suits him so well, the juxtaposition is harmonious.

Nobody makes me laugh like Jordan. His sense of humor has brought forth some of the most foul, rude, harsh, shocking, amazingly beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. Seeing him lean out the window of his BMW and yell at a blonde female pedestrian, “PARIS, I SAW YOUR VIDEO!” is a treat indeed.

He likes a good discussion… debate… argument… call it what you will. But he’s got the heart of a lawyer (which explains the underlying evil) and it’s fun to watch him in action. I’m interested to see where life takes him, whether he’ll go back to school or just build from here. I know his future will include great things.

More than mere humor and talent, he’s got style. The consummate metrosexual, after whom the word was coined, I am certain. Jordan is without question the best dressed man I know. He’s also a gifted athlete, whose personal training know-how has helped me often.

Jordan is a gentleman – rare indeed. I have been surprised, and even shamed, by the depth of his character. He is kind and thoughtful, gentle and feeling, and extremely trustworthy. I’m glad to know him, and I wish him the best always.

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