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Uncle Phil

July 10th, 2004


Some relatives you appreciate more than others. My uncle Phil is bloody brilliant. I could sit at his feet and listen to him tell stories forever. The man is a riot. A software engineer back when nobody knew what software was, he later went on to law school, graduated with honors, and then became a state rep for New Hampshire. He’s recently taken to building, excuse me… FABRICATING an airplane.

This week’s update says: “Milling details on brackets has added to quality of the effort I would never have gotten using drills, files, and a dremel tool. The numerical control software I goofed around and developed has really been a hoot to use on this project. The second photo is a shot of the fusalage taken from the rear looking forward. It’s definitely gotten heavier. I forgot some 5/8 inch holes for the rudder cables and had to make a tool to adapt my 3/8 drive step drills to run on my 1/4 inch air drill. Why buy what you can make.”

Uncle Phil, you rock!

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