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Beastie Boys


Those of you who visit regularly …as if… will notice that I took down the Rick James skit by Dave Chappelle. Normally I post a video on Mondays, but this week I just couldn’t find the right one. But last night I popped in the new Beastie Boys and had to pay homage.

I purchased To The Five Boroughs the week it came out, listened to it once, and then got busy with other stuff and forgot about it. Shame on me, cause this CD owns! Mike D, Adrock, and MCA are at it again, blending together the best of what makes them Beastie… And Mix Master Mike, let’s just say the man has skillz.

Give it up for Boys Entering Anarchistic State Towards Internal Excellence. This new album is really fun. Hype lyrics, kickin’ beats, and a hella dope mix. With many throwbacks to their old style, from their Licensed To Ill heyday in 1986.

I remember listening to that album for years. It always makes me think of my last best girlfriend, Carolina Musick. Thanks to her I’ve been a card-carrying misogynist for over 15 years. But that’s a whole different story …and I’m totally joking… I think.

I remember going to Junior Soroptimist camp and performing Paul Revere with ‘Lina in front of an audience of stunned suburban white girls. Annoying the hell out of my mom, singing Brass Monkey opera-style at the top of our lungs in the back of the Chevette.

Now that was fun… all thanks to the Beastie Boys.

July 7th, 2004

Happy Trails

Millard Falls

The best thing about going hiking is having a valid excuse to dress up as Lara Croft, ponytail and all. It’s too bad I don’t have a pair of nine mils to really complete the look. It’s all about the accessories.

Yesterday the whole family went hiking up past Millard Falls – see picture above. It’s a fifty-foot waterfall, twenty minutes from my front door. Which furthers my point about California being one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I truly suck at hiking. My feet never fail to find the most difficult path from point A to point B, instead of the safest or fastest. I am the worst trailblazer around. Should you have the misfortune of finding yourself behind me, do yourself a favor and pick another path. Those who follow me often end up lost or injured – or both.

Yet I really enjoy a walk in the wilderness. Looking at me, few people would suspect that I’d survive the outdoors, let alone enjoy it. I don’t look like a mountain woman, thank heavens. But I grew up camping and hiking, and have learned to enjoy roughing it once in a while.

Today my whole body is sore from climbing – and I love it! I just wish I had time to do it more often. So relaxing, and an excellent workout. Hopefully we can plan a few camping trips this summer, maybe near Solvang or somewhere by the beach.

Of course, some would say what I do isn’t camping because I’ve always got the latest gear. Not only that, but I insist that everything has to match the color scheme… we camp in high style.

I am such a girrrl.

July 6th, 2004

Them Dukes

Hey Cleetus, check out these good ol’ boys…
And enjoy your Independence Day barbecue!

July 4th, 2004

Shrink Rap

So it’s been a year since I started circuit training and all, and today was my monthly weigh-and-measure day at the gym. Do you want to know how much I’ve lost in the last year? Well tough, because I kick so much ass… You need to recognize.

When I started, I weighed 187.5 pounds and was heading to the land beyond size 14. Today, I weigh 137 pounds and fit comfortably in a size 6. That’s kinda neat. I’ve lost a total of 50.5 pounds, and eight dress sizes.

My body fat was originally 37%, and is now 23%. That’s a loss of 14% body fat, or just over 1% a month. It appears I lost about 38 pounds of pure fat. I don’t know what the rest of it was, but it wasn’t muscle because I have a lot more now than when I started.

That places me firmly in the Fitness level on the body fat scale. Wo0t! I haven’t been this fit and slim… ever. Well, maybe as a cheerleader back in high school (that was hard work). So is this, but it’s well worth it. I feel fantastic, and I don’t look too shabby either.

Although there’s more to accomplish, I am deliberately slowing my progress as I near my goal. These days I’m trying to drop about two pounds a month, continually reinforcing these healthy habits, and aiming to yield permanent results.

I suppose I’m not “fat” any more… How about that!

July 3rd, 2004

Empty Hooks

I have never been able to hold a grudge. Although I’ve been wronged more than my share for one lifetime, I’m glad that I never developed the ability to keep people on the hook for what they’ve done to hurt me. A willingness to forgive and forget has always superseded my efforts at self-protection.

There are people who bear grudges against me. Not a single one will explain why, though I have asked. Some have managed to keep them up for years, not speaking to me at all, or only when under duress. Though I do not doubt the legitimacy of their grievances, their behavior boggles my mind. They love holding on to their hate.

Where do they find the energy? Don’t they know it always backfires? Silent treatments, haughtiness, snide remarks, deliberate cruelty – it’s all worthless and ineffectual. How bizarre that people can live their whole lives without figuring out that when you behave this way the one who suffers most is you, not your intended victim.

Maybe they don’t realize that by begrudging someone you’re keeping them on your hook, and therefore you are never truly free. As we approach this Independence Day I declare that liberty is something I deeply treasure, and that’s precisely why I don’t play those games. Hatred imprisons the spirit. I choose freedom.

July 1st, 2004

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