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September 24th, 2004

Sometimes, I look at certain situations and wonder… What would Jordan do? And when I received his words of wisdom, answering that very question, I figured I’d share them with you. Enjoy!

“Life is too short to dwell on the less than stellar moments, yet those may be the ones that define us most. Those dreadful, horrific happenings alter and change our lives, etch into our souls, and stretch our puny little hearts and minds (and sometimes our bodies) to the point of no return.”

“And just as it seems to be our darkest hour, we realize that we have chosen to be in the dark during those moments. We dread our faults, our insecurities, and choose to hide away and lick our wounds. We try to find safety where we can neither see, nor be seen. We can neither comfort, nor be comforted.”

“We blind ourselves with the selfish and insignificant. Cluttering our minds and hearts, as we mourn those happy moments that have come and gone – as if they’ll never come again. Why is it that we try to find solace in the dark depths in which we have fallen? Where is our logic when we think we can hide from ourselves? Who can comfort me if I can not find comfort in myself?”

“We must ascend form the pitfalls of our mind to conquer the glory in our hearts and souls; all that is intended for us. Fight, kick, scream, and howl at the moon for what is entitled to you. Clear your path, plot your travel, and fill your sails. The passage may not be quick, nor the direction always known, yet the quest shapes the soul.”

P.S. What about the time when I picked your nose and wiped it on your teeth? That was pretty sick.

Yep… That’s why everybody loves the guy: After a long, inspirational diatribe, the real Jordan comes out in the post-script.

Jordan - Dogpile
God bless America!

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