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Starfleet Legos

October 16th, 2004


So are you having a fun weekend? I’ve been sitting around in pajamas playing MUME and building lego people on Chris Doyle’s Reasonably Clever. Click the pic above to make one of your own.

Yep, that’s a representation of me, as a Lego woman, having just graduated from Starfleet Academy. Does it get any geekier than that? Oh wait, it does…

So I was watching some show on TVland the other day, and I learned about this Star Trek episode that was originally intended to lead to a spin-off series. I don’t know what the heck stopped them, because the premise was pretty cool.

I’m severely bummed out, because it would have been über to see how this gay guy and his cat adjusted from space life in the future to Earth in 1968. Groovy baby. With the occassional cameo from Kirk and Spock… This thing could have been golden! NBC… retards.

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