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November 1st, 2004

You know those certain people that you just “click” with? Those rare occasions where you instantly like someone and hit it off right from the start? I used to think that was cause to celebrate. Actually, that’s still my gut response.

But now, I am a little bit wiser…

I’ve come to realize that when there is an uncommon ease …I need to brace myself. Because as infrequent as that is, nine times out of ten the cause is a shared background – One marred by extreme childhood suffering.

And it’s not that I’m ungrateful for new friends; It’s not that I don’t cherish every one that I’ve got …They are a precious few. The deal is, every time I make a new friend, sooner or later, I find out that we share a horrifying common bond.

Is it possible that I’m so screwed up from a childhood of abuse and neglect that the only other people I can relate to are others who emerged from the same steaming pile of shit? Or do the victims of child abusers and molesters seek me out?

Either way, as much as I’d like to enjoy a friendship, I end up cringing and waiting for another gagging spoonful of castor-oil reality: The fuckers who destroy children are everywhere.

How bittersweet… I am not alone in this pain.

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  • 1. pauliemac  |  November 1st, 2004 at 7:49 pm

    I think it is natural that communication begins because we find out somthing in common with someone else. I don’t know if we have some kind of 6th sense or radar that helps us seek out those like us. Something has to be a “break the ice” conversation starter, a reason to start talking. Don’t give up, you will meet a friend that is not a product of an abusive childhood.

  • 2. Steven Streight  |  November 5th, 2004 at 11:22 am

    I like your new home here, all pink and blue and white and astrally perfected. Pink is a dangerous color, with all the Barbie frenzy, my wife asked me today if her pink sweater looked too Barbie, and I said yes, but you look like a painting too.

    I don’t trust people I like right off the bat. I suspect my discernment. Often, the music CDs that leave me cold and bored are ones I listen to later, when I’m tired of everything else, and they suddenly sound wonderful, why did I toss this aside, it’s great.

    Kiki, you may leave your URL on all your comments, in fact I encourage you to do so.

    I’ve been scolded for leaving URLs on 5 posts to one blog, and my posts were deleted, yet I am a crusader against comment spam.

    I had written clever funny comments, then dropped my URL. That’s not spam.

    Your URL is part of your signature, so screw anybody that won’t let me leave it on every post. Yet I really like the person whose blog I posted URLs on.

    Spammy comments are when the comment is drivel, automatically inserted, irrelevant, offensive, trolling, baiting, scambaiting, lurklunching, or copy and pasted text.

    Just to add your URL every time you post a comment, I think is perfectly fine and admirable. If the comment is adding prime content to a blog, then of course you may add your URL as signature. That’s called blog promotion, ethical style. Crap, people leave their email address or whatever, why not a URL?????

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