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Bites the Dust

So, am I the only one with no plans tonight? I’ll bet money that I won’t even be awake at midnight… Pathetic! Oh well, taking delivery of my new car was nearly enough excitement for one day.

However, if you have some fun planned, please share by leaving a comment so that I may live vicariously through your adventures. Thanks and Happy New Year!

5 comments December 31st, 2004

Best of 2004

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been blogging since May. At times it feels like a chore, but it’s always good therapy. I don’t think I could have remained sane this year if I didn’t release some pressure from all the thoughts in my head. Looking back on this first year of blog entries, I picked out a few of my personal favorites…

T O P   T E N   P O S T S   O F   2 0 0 4

10. E is for Extortion
9. Jungle Boogie
8. Late Bloomer
7. Spring Cleaning
6. Abby Normal
5. All or Nothing
4. Clock Talk
3. Ms. Understood
2. Dear Santa

1. Did I miss anything?

5 comments December 30th, 2004

Just Shoot Me

Am I some kind of sucker or something!?

I suppose it’s because my boss manufactured a last-minute project, due by the end of the calendar year if I am to qualify for any incentive pay.

Actually, to be accurate it would sound more like this:

For the third year in a row I will provide absolutely no excuse to rob me of any of my well-earned bonus, and yet I’ll undoubtedly sit back and watch as I am screwed over again… YAY!

5 comments December 28th, 2004

Lemon Aid

It’s finally time to offload the lemony piece of crap I’ve been driving for the past four years. After subjecting a perfect 2000 VW Jetta to a total loss collision after only a year of use, I figured it was safe to replace it with an exact replica in the latest model year… What a jinx!

This poo-mobile has been plaguing me non-stop. I won’t bore you with details. The lease inspector needs to get his butt out here to tell me how much they’re gonna screw me this one last time. We want it off our hands NOW – Because today its replacement was found.

Take a closer look at its splendor…

2005 Acura TSX in Carbon Grey Pearl with Grey Leather

11 comments December 27th, 2004

The Goods

Come on… I wanna know!

Let’s see… I already told you about the Dance Dance Revolution and the XM Radio but I also received a Mio heart-rate watch, a very handy yarn organizer, a pretty art glass vase shaped like a handbag, and a whole bunch of books. I am also told that some presents didn’t arrive in time, so I guess I’ll have more to add later.

So what did you get, and more importantly, can I come over and play?

17 comments December 26th, 2004

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