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January 27th, 2005

You know, amidst the crazy rush of 2004 year-end analysis at work, including a big presentation to our board of directors that I made today (went quite well, thanks for asking) you’d think I’d find entertaining stuff to write about as a departure from real-life mayhem… No such luck.

Instead, what’s burning to get out are some really serious topics. Things that make me feel vulnerable and scared. Stuff that I keep inside, stuff down, and avoid like the plague. But now they’re all clamoring to get out and I can’t think of anything else with all the noise they’re making.

Whether or not you care to hear it, there’s no use trying to write about anything else while all this weighs on my heart. I avoid making these thoughts “real” by spelling them out, but I’ll borrow courage from friends like Heroinegirl and let some out over the next few days.

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