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Leap Year

Riddle me this: If you were born on leap year, February 29th, which only arrives once every four years – On which day do you celebrate during the other three years?

My friends and I had opposite opinions on this one… They think it’s proper to celebrate a leap year birthday on March 1st and I totally disagree.

First of all, it’s a totally different month, and secondly, why would you want to celebrate it later if you could have it a day early? Isn’t that like punishing yourself?

We don’t pick the day we’re born. I don’t see why anybody would want to wait an extra day instead of enjoying their cake and ice cream a day in advance.


15 comments February 28th, 2005

Eternal Damnation

Spent another weekend (this makes three, so far) searching for the perfect diamond wedding band. This excursion was a little different in that I actually found one that I liked a great deal… Only one little problem: The price tag was double our budget.

I’m beginning to think that it’s going to take an eternity to find the right eternity ring. Speaking of rings, would you mind pulling the ring on this grenade… Take me out of my misery.

10 comments February 27th, 2005

Hot Plate

So I made the second payment on my newish vehicle and thought to myself… “It’s a bit odd that I haven’t received my license plates yet.”

Is it possible someone stole them? As inefficient as I believe government agencies to be, there’s no way it could take this long. Weeks maybe, but months? This means I have to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles… Crap!

8 comments February 25th, 2005


February is almost over. I figure those of you who are gonna flake out on your New Year’s resolutions have already done so, and those of you staying the course have made some decent progress.

Those of you with weight-loss resolutions: How goes it?

When I look back on the decision to leave the land of “pushing size 14” what stands out in my mind are the fears I had. Of course, the fear of failure. Not knowing whether diet and exercise would pay off or become fruitless torture. But there were other fears too…

People perceive you differently when you’re wearing insulation. For all the bitching people do about how poorly we treat overweight people, having been on both sides I must tell you – The shy girl in me preferred the life of a chubster.

What made me comfortable with the extra pounds was that I enjoyed that certain level of invisibility. Despite my unfounded narcissism, I liked the reduced attention, especially with regard to the opposite sex. I’m told it’s common among rape survivors. Stealth is security.

It’s freaky how things change as the fat melts away. People treat you differently. I promise you’ll notice the changes. Jealousy becomes an everyday reality as well. Though I must say, somehow you can get away with being less nice when you’re thinner… Bizarre.

Other mixed blessings: That store where you always found flattering outfits despite your former weight… Bad news. Everything they sell will look dowdy or matronly on your thinner body. You’ll end up cruising the mall searching out new favorites. As problems go, not too rough.

Maintenance… That’s another fun game. After working your ass off you finally get to level out, but figuring out what it takes to stay at your goal weight must require a degree in biochemistry. I’m still trying to get the hang of it, and I hit the mark a year ago.

Hope this helps. Preparing mentally may arm you to overcome some potential obstacles. For those of you still on the wagon, I’m rooting for you, and working right alongside as we gear up for…

B A T H I N G   S U I T   S E A S O N

7 comments February 24th, 2005


As promised, a list of my favorite Firefox extensions…

Foxy Tunes – Do you listen to Music while surfing the Web? Now you can control your favorite media player without ever leaving the browser and more… Supports WinAmp, iTunes, foobar2000, Windows Media Player, Musicmatch, Quintessential, J. River, jetAudio, XMPlay, MediaMonkey, Media Player Classic, Sonique, wxMusik, Real Player, XMMS, Noatun, Juk, Amarok, Music Player Daemon, Rhythmbox, and many other players.

Flash Got – Enables Mozilla and Firefox to handle single and massive “all” and “selection” downloads using the most popular external download managers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. FlashGot offers also a Build Gallery functionality which helps to synthetize full media galleries in one page, from serial contents previously scattered on several pages, for easy and fast “download all” commands.

Disable Targets for Downloads – Prevents sites spawning blank windows when clicking binary downloads, such as PDF files for example.

Map It – Highlight an address and get a map and/or driving directions using your favorite online mapping site.

IE View – Open pages in IE by right-clicking the page in Firefox. Handy for previewing pages in IE, and on those rare occasions when a site demands it.. Punks.

GMail Notifier – Great for us to use while we wait for GMail to come out with RSS for your Inbox items… Coming soon! GMail rocks.

Print It – This extension allows you to use print and print preview for the page you are browsing straight from the context menu.

View Cookies – Adds a tab to the Page Info dialog box, which shows the cookies of the current webpage. For developers, privacy-concious users, and nosey mofos like me.

Cookie Culler – Adds extended features to your cookie manager. Protect and unprotect selected cookies.

Nuke Anything – Adds a “Remove this object” entry to the right-click context menu, which will remove an object from a webpage temporarily. The effects can be undone by reloading the page.

Smooth Wheel – Helps scroll documents smoothly when scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Sort Bookmarks – This handy extension sorts your bookmarks alphabetically.

Dictionary Search – Right click on any selection and look up the word in an online dictionary. Trust me, regardless of how wonderful your vocabulary may be, every once in a while you’ll run across a word you don’t know.

Feed View – Shows newsfeeds and blogs in a more stylish way. Without the extension, Firefox just shows the default XML stylesheet. It also adds the ability to add a Live Bookmark and switch article lengths.

StumbleUpon – Lets you “channelsurf” the best-reviewed sites on the web. A collaborative surfing tool for browsing, reviewing and sharing great sites with like-minded people.

Delicious Delicacies – My favorite extension of all, it restores my favorite cookie placeholder text: “Cookies are delicious delicacies” …Right on!

7 comments February 23rd, 2005

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