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I was at the gym busting my ass when I thought:
So many hot chicks… So few hot guys

Okay, maybe it’s just a Southern California thing, but I know plenty of people that look good enough to be models, but very few are guys… Even the gays around here have gone soft.

I hear there is an increasing trend in men going for plastic surgery, but it needs to pick up some speed. I still see about ten hot chicks to one hot guy, and that’s a generous estimate.

Hordes of girls are working hard to look good, but few men are willing to get off their lazy butt to sculpt themself into something droolworthy. Equal rights? I’m over it. It’s time for equal pressure.

Do I really believe all that? …No, but for a split second, while sweating it out on the squat machine, I was feelin’ it! In all honesty I don’t think heterosexual guys could deal with this kind of pressure.

By the way, the hot dude pictured above right is Jason Lewis. You may know him as Smith Jerrod, Samanatha’s boyfriend on Sex and the City. I just finished watching the last of season six and I’m going through withdrawals… Is it really over?

11 comments March 31st, 2005

Lunch Break

So my brother and I headed out to lunch this afternoon, to one of our usual spots. As we’re pulling into a parking space, we had to do a double-take at the license plate on the car next to us…

What in the heck is that supposed to mean?
And who on earth would select it?

9 comments March 30th, 2005

Oh My…

If you want to know more about this picture, click here
and have a trash can nearby in case of chunder.

On the one hand, I’m glad the field of medicine has advanced to the point where we can help people with disabling problems such as this. But on the other hand… Is that a corn dog?

I’d never make it in any healthcare profession. God bless those of you who can handle the smorgasbord of human ailments on a daily basis. We’d all be screwed without you.

PS. My posts of late have been lame and rather impersonal, and I don’t really have any excuse other than that I’ve been busy as hell at work. We’re talking cats and dogs, living together… Mass hysteria! Should be back to normal by next week. Until then, send me telepathic hugs.

11 comments March 29th, 2005

Smart Foot

How Smart is Your Right Foot?

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind, and you will keep trying at least 50 times to see if you can outsmart your foot… But you can’t!

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. While doing this, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand.

Did your foot movement change direction?

19 comments March 28th, 2005


Though I would consider myself a Peeps purist, preferring the traditional yellow chicks, I am aware of other shapes and colors. Just Born makes more than 700 million of these squishy treats every Easter.

They say, “If you can’t eat em, study em” …So today I learned some interesting things about our long-time Easter friend, the humble Peep:

One of the most interesting Peeps-related finds was where they conducted scientific research on the resilience of these marshmallow treats… These people have way too much time.

Also previously unbeknownst to me, since 1997 “Peepaholics” have been gathering in Sacramento to enjoy their annual Peep-Off. Events include eating contests where psycho sugar fiends consume over a hundred Peeps in the span of a few minutes.

Did you know you can wear them, too? Yep, Peeps bunny necklaces were all the rage last year. Take a look at this huge inventory of Peeps-related links. Play some virtual chubby bunny by stuffing your brain full of marshmallowy goodness.

My favorite by far has to be David Ottogalli, and his “Peeps Show” containing pictures of an amazing shine he built in 2003. Fabricated entirely of Peeps, it’s eight feet tall, five feet wide, and three feet deep.

Happy Easter, and hey… What’s your favorite Easter candy?

4 comments March 27th, 2005

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