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Personal Training

When I joined a real gym a month ago, I opted for a block of Personal Training sessions since I wasn’t sure how to use most of the equipment, nor was I sure I could build a thorough workout plan.

I’ve always been a proponent of letting the experts do what they do best. So much for that idea, for although trainers certainly can know their business, they’re actually in the business of keeping you dependent upon their overpriced assistance.

Well first of all, I don’t need a babysitter. I’ve never had a problem with things like Motivation, Determination, or Perseverance. I don’t need someone to coach me through those last two reps or to make sure that I actually make an appearance at the gym…

Secondly, I voiced my expectations in advance, “This works out to around $50 per session… I don’t even make that much, and I kick ass at what I do… This better be worth it.” HAH! I learned a few exercises to overcome my postural deviations but overall it was a rip-off.

My desire was to build an effective workout plan, learn how to do a variety of exercises for each muscle group, and how to properly use all the equipment at the gym. Halfway through, I spoke with the Fitness Manager about my dissatisfaction but nothing really changed.

So now I’m back on my own, and glad about it, too. Screw it, I can figure this stuff myself. I headed over to Amazon.com and picked up a couple best-rated women’s fitness books: The Body Sculpting Bible for Women and Sculpting Her Body Perfect.

Learned more from those books than I probably could have gleaned from even a thousand dollars worth of pesonal training sessions, and I haven’t even gone over them very thoroughly yet. If you’ve got to pick one, I highly recommend the Bible.

Aside from that, I also purchased some fitness cards from SoloTrainer because I always worry that I might be doing something wrong or with improper form. These give me a handy visual reference and a great way to ensure that I’m developing a comprehensive weekly plan.

To all you personal trainers out there: PBBBBBBT! 😛

8 comments June 30th, 2005

White Lies

Ten on Tuesday


     1. Denzel Washington kissed me… twice
     2. I’ve never dined at a Burger King
     3. There was once a time I was blonde
     4. I can squat over two hundred pounds
     5. Still live in the city where I was born
     6. Believe I once had the ability to fly
     7. Never tried drugs in HS or college
     8. I eat a pound of veggies for dinner
     9. Collecting the State Quarters series
     10. I used to be a waitress at Hooters

12 comments June 28th, 2005

Rosy Cheeks

Ouch! Had the first of a series of four skin treatments today. At least this wasn’t my first time, so I went in knowing what to expect. My dermatologist prescribes intense pulsed light, radio-frequency, and pulsed dye laser… Supposedly a winning combination.

At five hundred bucks a pop it hurts my wallet even more than my face. It’s not covered by our crappy HMO – Phooey! This DNA from pink cheeked europeans with too many capillaries and a tendency toward skin cancer should entitle me to some preventative treatment.

Instead, they’d rather wait until I’m dying and then tear my life and face apart at that point. Well, I’m not havin’ it. I’d rather shell out the cash now and never go there. Of course, it’s money well spent thanks to its rejuvenating effects and sun damage reversal.

If it weren’t for this stinging pain (akin to sunburn) I’d feel so fancy. Kinda like those crazy housewives that book cosmetic prodedures year-round because they’ve got nothing better to do. Except I had to drag my butt into work afterward, all blotchy and irritated… Joy!

You know what cracks me up? The treatment that stings the most, the IPL/RF combo… It’s even named after me: Aurora!

9 comments June 27th, 2005

Sunset Beach

Sat down to tell you about our ritual treks to the beach at dusk when I realized what I was jotting down seemed oddly familiar. You know your blog is getting old when you forget the posts you’ve already written until you’re in the midst of repeating yourself.

Anyway, I was going to write about how much us four girlies (me and my step-posse) love to play in the surf and watch the sun set over the western horizon, but I guess I’ve already done that…


This time our experience was different though. A group of people crashed our little beach party. Twenty or so kids my age had rented a charter bus and were hitting various destinations in celebration of a friend’s birthday, drinking and having a grand old time.

It was fun to watch them interact. At one point they asked me to take a picture of the whole gang and I happily obliged. In fact, it was nice to be included, even a little bit. Watching them was a reminder that my husband and I don’t really have any friends.

Eventually the girls captured the attention of the partygoers and one of them was sweet enough to speak with my lonely ass about them. She was the coolest looking gal there, and it turns out she’s into animation and has some truly exciting projects in the works.

I gave her my web address so that she would hopefully forward some pictures of my girlies. Here’s a big hello to her, in case she stops by: MEREDITH, YOU ROCK! 🙂

8 comments June 26th, 2005

Anagram Genius

Thanks to my buddy over at Dot.Bench, I’ve been having some fun over at Anagram Genius, where you can submit any phrase and it reshuffles the letters to come up with a new, often funnier phrase.

Just for giggles I entered the names of some of my online pals (that means you, kids) and here’s the best of what it came up with…

KangaMini = King Mania
Silent/Narcolepsy = Pliantly Necroses
Bathroom Feelings = Brothels of Enigma
PinkSaltyDickMeat = Tame Lanky Dipstick
The Zero Boss = Oh Sober Zest
Master Foley = Fat or Seemly
StepMonster = On Temptress
Heroinegirl = Her Religion
Lewis Moten = Molest Wine
MrLemurBoy = Blurry Memo
Mechonim = Inch Memo
Space Kitten = Skeptic Neat
Chaos-Girl = Rich Goals

Of course, the one that I found the most amusing was the anagram for my full name: One Chronic Barbarian… Surprisingly accurate. If you come up with any good ones, do leave them as a comment.

10 comments June 24th, 2005

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