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The Zero Boss assigned a book report: Five books I liked enough as a kid to read again as an adult. This will be the first and last book-related meme I’ll submit to because 80% of my reading doesn’t come bound and the other 20% is too boring to report. That said…

1. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis – Read it as a kid, and now I’m going to read it again to prepare for the movie that’s coming out in theatres this December!

2. Sleeping Beauty by M & K Craft – Because you’re never really too old for a good bedtime story, and as a sleep-a-holic this beautifully illustrated fairy tale will always be my favorite.

3. Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen – The first novel she ever published, and my favorite girlie story of all time. I’ll probably re-read and re-watch it hundreds of times.

4. Round Trip by Ann Jonas – Graphic design inspiration disguised as a picture book. It tells two stories, one rightside up and one upside down!

5. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse – It’s a fast read and it takes you on an exotic journey. The first book I ever read cover to cover in one day flat.

Feel free to share the kids books you’ll read again. I’m sure I missed some good ones, so clue us all in by leaving a comment.

7 comments June 23rd, 2005

Get Physical

Had my annual physical today, a year overdue, but hey… I’m healthy! A fact which was proven today when my primary care physician (that’s HMO-speak for doctor) gave me a barrage of tests to assess my physical fitness… Rocked them, WOOT!

If only that’s all he did. Oh no, I must endure the dreaded pap smear. The mere mention of it made me sweat through my paper gown.

A minute ago my doctor and I were joking around, enjoying a little lighthearted chit-chat, and now he wants to feel me up and finger me. How about dinner and a movie first? What’s that? You want me to pay you for this? Uhh… There’s something wrong with this picture.

7 comments June 22nd, 2005


I almost laughed when I saw the topic this time. The only challenge will be to somehow encapsulate all the things I detest into ten measley little items. As usual, I’ll give it my best college try…


10. Having to be in a pleasant mood all the time
9. Getting no credit for my accomplishments
8. Bitchy menopausal women everywhere
7. Bitchy homosexual men everywhere
6. Abominable pay for boring work
5. Not a review in three years
4. Always having a stalker
3. Being told what to do
2. Waking up so early
1. That work part

Holy cow, I’m not as bitter as that sounds… Honest!

5 comments June 21st, 2005

Old Wallpaper

It’s been over a decade since I left home and moved out on my own, and it took me until just today to have a flashback of my old bedroom. Honestly, I’d all but forgotten what it even looked like. But tonight one of the kids told a story that jogged my memory, and a couple hours later the image of those old yellow walls came flooding back.

To this day orange and yellow are my least favorite colors. They would be for you too, if you’d grown up in a room with shag carpeting in those colors. Oh, and how could I ever forget the Sesame Street bedspread and coordinating curtains? Good job making me use them until I was sixteen and got a job to pay for new stuff, Mom.

I remember having to de-preschool my bedroom before having friends over. Eventually I opted for an Esprit / Duran Duran hybrid theme. Teen fashion and 80s pop… What a combo. By the time I was fourteen I had every visible inch of wall plastered with catalog and magazine pages. Does anybody else remember those huge Esprit catalogs?

As for Duran Duran, I hate to admit John Taylor was my favorite. Today I have only two words for him: brow lift. What was I thinking? I suppose there’s no explanation for the behavior of teen girls. But hell, something had to cover the framed Precious Moments posters on the wall!

So I’m curious, what was your old bedroom like?

11 comments June 20th, 2005

Dark Knight

I don’t care what all the angry skeptics have to say… I liked it! Even though the leading characters weren’t as hot as Brad and Angelina it was still a highly entertaining movie. It was dark enough, badass enough, and doggone it… People like Batman

6 comments June 19th, 2005

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