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Now that everything fell apart I feel it’s safe to share that we were planning a luxurious five-day vacation this week. However, my practical sensibilities got the best of our magnificent plans for relaxation.

My impression that getaways are for people with no bills and tons of disposable cash may explain why after nearly eight years together, this would have been our first real vacation… I am totally retarded.

7 comments August 23rd, 2005

Car Wash

A Picture Share!Swung by the car wash tonight because my ride was douched with sap by the evil oak tree outside the house. And while waiting, I observed the antics of a few little girls.

As I deciphered, the one in pink was the daughter of the lady sitting next to me, bitching to her husband via cell phone. The other girl (in green) was therefore her daughter’s friend, whom the mom was stuck babysitting.

The third was a little black girl, a bit younger than the others, and not part of their group. The other girls each had an ice cream, which was clearly coveted by this girl without. It was cute watching them make friends to alleviate the boredom of waiting.

Somehow, despite all her yacking on the phone, the self-absorbed mom was paying enough attention to notice when her girls were about to share their ice cream with the black girl, and she piped up…

“Oh no, you can’t share your ice cream! Ummm… She might be allergic.”

The incident made me contemplate the wisdom of Matthew 18:1-5.

11 comments August 22nd, 2005


Added some of my Bawidamann favorites to the Pin-Up Gallery …Enjoy!

4 comments August 20th, 2005


Hair Colors

Ashamed as I am to admit that I’ve given it any more thought, I am thoroughly freaked about having my hair dyed tomorrow. Over the past week I’ve been paying attention to all the colors out there, and it’s only made me more terrified… Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

Maybe it’s crazy to ask for nothing more than a richer, shinier version of my natural color. Is that too boring? As girlie as I claim to be, I’m afraid that I fall short in this category. I’m counting on some haircolor veterans like Crystal to pipe up and allay my fears with good advice.

11 comments August 19th, 2005

New Hotness

NecromancerIt’s been three months since I first metioned this PC game, but I finally purchased Guild Wars last week as an early birthday present to myself.

Deciding to brave the learning curve without the aid of online guides was an easy choice since the last time I really enjoyed a RPG it was ironically the painful trial and error (ie. a whole lot of dying) that brought about a sense of accomplishment which kept me beating that dead horse for over a decade.

So far its living up to its promise not to demand much time… Which is good, because tinkering with this site is almost a full-time job. But as MMORPGs go — Guild Wars is heaps o’ fun!

7 comments August 18th, 2005

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