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Saw this over at Soapbox Superstar and it got me curious enough to sort through my archives to see what’s up. According to the rules, you find your 23rd post and list the 5th sentence… Here’s mine:

I know I’ve said this before, but we’re so lucky
to live where there’s so much natural beauty.

And as random sentences go, that ain’t half bad. The last rule is to tag five people to do the same. Since it was an opt-in over at the Scanlons’ I’ll keep it that way. Play along if you feel inclined, whether by posting on your own site, or in comments here.

16 comments September 25th, 2005


Pretty Lips

Teeth sure are important, aren’t they? You don’t think about them much until there’s a problem, and then chances are you can’t get them off your mind until they’re fixed. And I should know… I’ve got the financial equivalent of a Honda Civic in my mouth.

My baby teeth were perfect, but we knew my second set wouldn’t be. During pregnancy, they gave my mom a drug to reduce her morning sickness. It was later pulled for causing birth defects, like babies born without limbs. Compared to that, I lucked out by missing only one and a half upper lateral secondary teeth.

Here I am today with a fairly perfect set of choppers, and nobody really knows the ordeal I went through. It began with numerous extractions because my adult teeth weren’t coming in on their own. Then six years of braces, with nothing but closed-mouthed smiles on record.

After that came bonding, which was a newer technology at the time. Later I got caps, but the old kind with metal underneath the porcelain. Those didn’t agree with my delicate system, so two years ago I had to do it all over again, and upgrade to lovely Empress ceramics.

Nobody who sees this smile knows what’s behind it. I could take you on a tour of dentists offices and show you the claw marks I dug into the armrests when the novocaine wore off. Months of my life were spent laying back in a dental chair with tears quietly streaming into my hair.

Though I never would have said so at the time… It was worth it.

6 comments September 24th, 2005


BISContacted“When telling the world simply is not enough” is the motto of who picked this site today as the blog “Most Likely To Be Contacted!”

“Some 60 years ago humans first began transmitting television signals powerful enough to reach beyond our earth’s atmosphere. Since then the media has continued to broadcast messages into space, potentially reaching intelligent alien life forms beyond our solar system. Blogs In Space is the first entity to allow everyday bloggers to transmit the news and thoughts of an everyday person into space. Simply put, we take your feed and send it out via a powerful deep space transmission dish.”

So if you’re a believer (unlike this skeptic, who will only admit that there is intelligent life out there when it’s looking her square in the eye, regardless of how many SETI packets she’s completed) head over and start transmitting your own blog to the worlds beyond.

Blog in Space
Most Likely To Be Contacted - Atomic Bombshell
Space Fun: See what happens when your blog gets attacked by aliens!

September 23rd, 2005

Autumn Color

Autumn ColorsHooray for Autumn! It’s one of my four favorite seasons, and it begins today.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the change… Not that things ever really look different around Southern California, regardless of the time of year.

That’s okay. If mother nature won’t bring to us, I’ll do it myself. Though the palm trees won’t turn pretty colors, I certainly will.

I’ll be pulling items back into my regular wardrobe rotation that I haven’t seen in a while: plush purples, deep marine blues, hazel greens, and rich chocolate browns. There’s a wonderful fall palette out there just waiting to usher in the season.

I’ve missed heavier fabrics, the layering, and having an excuse to wear my hand-knit accessories. Bring out the wools, tweeds, boucles, and suedes… This should be fun.

12 comments September 22nd, 2005

Only Nails

Check out the new Nine Inch Nails video for “Only” from their recent album With Teeth. Directed by David Fincher of Fight Club fame. It’s the perfect artsy cure for an otherwise dull Wednesday… Thanks, Perez!

11 comments September 21st, 2005

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