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Triple Moon

La Bella tagged me for this meme that’s been going around, called “Three Things” and I am embarassed that I did not check Technorati sooner… I think I was supposed to do it over a week ago! Forgive me.

Three ways that I am stereotypically female
1. Four inch heels all the time
2. I am a terrible driver
3. All that pink

Three ways that I am stereotypically male
1. Drooling over exotic sportscars
2. Adolescent sense of humor
3. I think chicks are hot

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Release Load

Release Load

I know this is referring to an upcoming software upgrade, but it still made me laugh when I walked into the office and saw this reminder.

13 comments October 25th, 2005

Need for Speed

Spinning CyclesI admit that I am powerless over my addiction… Spinning owns me.

Once I finally got over the notion that sweating = bad mojo and tried this class, I was hooked. I don’t even know how to describe to you the feeling of elation – triumph – euphoria that you get from a good spinning class… It’s a drug. You feel invincible, and learn ways to push your body to achieve things you wouldn’t think possible.

Why didn’t somebody tell me about this sooner? Actually, this chick I worked with at my last job used to swear by it, but I took one look at her bony ass and figured it might kill me. But umm… I was wrong. I rock at spinning! Between this class and dealing with emotional baggage via this blog (thanks for listening, you poor souls) I finally broke through the wall and dropped like five pounds over the last two weeks.

My buddies at the gym are already wise to my addiction. Last week I went to put my name down on the sign-in sheet at the front desk and right as I’m about to put pen to paper, Gregg swipes the binder away from me and asks how many spinning classes I’m gonna take this week… “It’s only my third,” I plead — Give me my speed, dammit!

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Norton Simon

Edgar DegasPablo PicassoMarie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-LebrunHenri RousseauDiego RiveraJean-Auguste-Dominique IngresKitagawa ShikimaroGanesha - IndiaPietro Antonio RotariAmedeo Modigliani

Visited our local art museum just for fun today and took some really crappy pictures. They do not let you use a flash, and I have a very unsteady hand, so feel free to laugh at the low quality of the images… Or you could just enjoy seeing some artwork.

13 comments October 23rd, 2005

Premium Denim

Citizens of HumanityIt’s entirely possible that I’m the last fashionista to hold off on getting some fancy jeans. This was finally rectified last Friday, when in a wildly expensive fit of pre-menstrual shopping, I picked up my first pair.

Mind you, the only reason I waited so long was because I hadn’t done my research. But now I have, and you can benefit from my findings. Here’s a basic FAQ regarding premium denim:

Why would I spend that much money on jeans?
This was my first question, too. Not that I’ve ever had a problem overspending before, but I had a hard time seeing the benefits at first glance. Take my advice and try on a few pairs. You’ll see there is no comparison once you get the right jeans on your body. The construction is amazing. Precision craftsmanship. You really do get what you pay for.

How will I find the pair that’s right for me?
Even though I did my research in advance, I still found an experienced salesgirl and listened to everything she had to say about each brand in relation to my unique needs. She gave me three pairs to try on, knew exactly what size to pull for me, stayed with me while I modeled them, and gave me her honest opinion. You can get fancy jeans lots of places, but try to find a shop where they have great service and sell high volume. For me, that was Nordstrom.

Hello… My inseam is not thirty seven inches long!
You will need to have your new jeans altered. Fret not, for any skilled seamstress can save the beautifully distressed bottom edge and reapply it invisibly! I’m only five foot three, and I think they had to chop off half the leg of the jeans I purchased, but they still turned out great. Just make sure that you’re not going to lose any of the detailing. Most jeans keep embellishments above the knee, so you should be okay.

Am I crazy, or are these going to fall off my ass?
Granted, you have to practice sitting properly when you’re in a pair of ultra low rise pants, but you’ll get the hang of it. There’s nothing quite as unattractive as a girl hiking up her waistband after she stands up, or heaven forbid, having underwear peeking out over the top of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few low rider thongs from Cosabella when you bring home those new jeans.

Which are the best super premium denim brands?
Many people swear by Seven for all Mankind. For others it’s Joe’s Jeans, Paige Premium Denim, True Religion, Diesel, Chip & Pepper, Blue Cult, James Jeans, or Paper Denim & Cloth… Etcetera! I really don’t foresee an official end to this trend, so expect to see more denim lines emerge. For my shape, I found that Citizens of Humanity makes the right pair. Happy hunting!

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