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Great Find

Female MisogynistEureka! I found a fantastic new blog. It’s like a salve for my woman-hating soul. Remember my post earlier this month about jealous chicks and how they’re screwing up my desire to find female friends? Shortly thereafter I came upon “Confessions of a Female Misogynist” while cruising Blogger, and I swear to you… I heard angels sing.

Though I don’t consider myself a feminist (at least in today’s sense of the word) I am almost entirely in agreement with the blog’s author, who goes by the name of Jaq. She is currently on one hell of a tirade, plowing her way through the litany of problems with women today. Tackling everything from manipulation to ex-boyfriends, she even provides a Lexicon as a handy reference.

Every time I read her posts, I want to jump up out of my chair, teleport to a grassy field, and dance around naked, tossing daisies into the air. It makes me feel that jubilant! I give this girl a great big HALLELUJAH for breaking down these subjects, sparing me from having to do it myself. She is my therapy. Add her to your feeds or blogroll, and enjoy.

14 comments November 30th, 2005

Still Thankful

Ten on Tuesday

This Week: Ten Things For Which I Am Very Thankful

Five for Fun…

10. Natalie Dee cartoons for making me laugh.
9. The Air Force for loving my arcade games.
8. Our housekeeper for doing my job for me.
7. Caffeine for helping me wake the hell up.
6. Beautiful skies and fluffy white clouds.

…Five for Real

5. Family and friends that, no matter how much they may hurt me at times and drive me nucking futs, really do adore me and would come through if I needed their help.

4. All of the natural splendor that God created to reaveal Himself to us: Mountains, Oceans, Space, Life, Science, Mathematics, and the greatest phenomenon of all – Love.

3. Having a blog as a resource to share pieces of my experience, and connect with some very special people in ways that years ago wouldn’t have been possible.

2. Despite minor complaints, I am fortunate to have a job where I am afforded so much personal creativity, while having the ability to make a positive impact each day.

1. Those rare opportunities when I am able to clearly see how the pain from my past has been transformed into something beautiful that benefits those I cherish most.

3 comments November 29th, 2005

Child’s Play

Child\'s Play Charity

Happy Cyber Monday! Today is the biggest online shopping day of the year, and I suppose that’s because if you didn’t find it in stores over the long Thanksgiving weekend, you hit the net today and picked up some slack. While you’re at it, may I make a little suggestion:

The hilarious folk over at Penny Arcade have a charity called Child’s Play and it’s seriously about the kids… Those cooped up in hospitals during the holidays. For the past three years, the fans of the online comic (gamers & geeks) have contributed toys and video games to help out. Though it’s not yet December, they’re now halfway to this year’s goal.

Should you want to be a part of making the season brighter for kids, you need only visit these links to the official site, where you’ll find a map of children’s hospitals, each linked to their respective wish lists on Heaven knows we all shop online there anyway, so you might as well join me and add something to your cart for the cause.

3 comments November 28th, 2005

Feeling Ugly

Skinny LohanFor the past few days (as evidenced by the lack of substance in my posts) the only thing on my mind are some quandaries about my weight. I’ve been dancing around the issues currently plaguing me instead of telling you, and it’s about time I fess up and spill what’s really going on in my sad little heart.

I would hate to be guilty of robbing someone of a beautiful “I thought I was the only one who felt like this” moment. (I’m thinking of Lisa …Heart you, girlie!) So for whoever wants to listen, here it is… And it will entail some pathetic ranting. You’ve been warned.

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Wish List

Aston Martin Vanquish

Heck, if you’re gonna dream — Dream big! I took after my grandma Jasmine in many ways (unfortunately none of her virtues) but especially when it comes to having a preference for unattainable luxury.

On that note, I will share with you my real Christmas list… The one that will never be filled. In fact, I hope Santa laughs his jelly belly off when he reads my short but outrageous list of demands each year.

7. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
6. Outerlimits Sport Yacht
5. Lady Heart Diamonds
4. Hermès 35cm Birkin
3. Cartier Tankissime
2. Plantation Estate
1. F-14 Tomcat

What’s on your list?

10 comments November 26th, 2005

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