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Looking Back

Purple Sunset

It’s been like a billion years since I last did a quiz, and this one was fun. Either that, or I was really, really bored. It’s designed to look back on the past year and examine what you did and how you feel about the highlights of each season… I won’t be so cruel as to call on anybody to participate, but feel free to do so, and tag me back if you do! 😀

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Wise Words

Time to Dance

Are you getting excited about 2006? I am! As I look forward to the new year, I see nothing but possibilities and promise. I know it will be a year of challenges and triumphs, opportunities and personal growth.

Before I sit down to plan, I often like to look up choice words from wise people to provide a bit of inspiration. This year, I am sharing a few thousand of my personal favorites with you…

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Ten on Tuesday


10. Continue discovering more about who I am
9. Find safe ways to be a bit nicer to people
8. Work toward becoming a better friend
7. Add a few new cohorts to the lineup
6. Conquer some more of my fears
5. Finish reading all those books
4. Study the Bible more often
3. Learn how to love better
2. Cause more laughter
1. Wear sunscreen

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Christmas Story

Shoot Your Eye OutWhat did you get for Christmas?!

As for me, my big master plan to enjoy a holiday season where I received no gifts was foiled by one package… Bah, humbug! Kidding aside, it was a very nice long weekend.

Hope all of you had fun with your loved ones, enjoyed delicious treats, and watched all the smiles generated as the gifts were opened. Be sure and drop me a comment to let me know how good Santa was to you this year!

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Snow Bunny

Christmas Pin-Up 2005

December 24th, 2005

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