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Women by Engineers

How do you know when you’re done with someone? Is there some obvious sign? There should be. Maybe that would prevent some of life’s more pathetic tragedies from happening. For example, one of my favorite people is hurting right now because his girlfriend left him… Guess she thinks she saw the sign. The problem: She’s screwing up.

This young lady wanted little more out of life than to be a wife and mother. She has watched friends and family achieve that ideal while she lived out the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” cliché. However, when she was finally offered all of her dreams on a silver platter, she turned tail and ran at the first sign of a struggle… Pussed out.

Women’s behavior has long been a mystery to me, but this leaves me aghast. Though there’s still hope that things will work out beautifully in the end, it sucks to see someone willing to walk away from something so precious. At times I think people fear achieving their dreams every bit as much as they dread never reaching them at all.

12 comments December 23rd, 2005

Light Show

You know how some families compete to have the best Christmas light display on the block… How’d you like to live next to this guy?

9 comments December 22nd, 2005


So lately I’ve been studying up about vitamins and nutrition, and let me advise you against following my lead on this one. There is so much conflicting information out there, that it’s hard to know where to begin. Every website and magazine has something different to say, and they each claim to be the be-all end-all gospel truth.

Phooey on them, I say!

Yet somehow, between the recommendations of my doctors, trainers, and all those articles, I have amassed quite an impressive daily intake. A few months back I took the picture you see here, and since then I’ve even added to the regimen. Just for the sake of sharing, and so that I’ll have something to look back on as things naturally evolve over time, here’s the big list of the supplements I’ve been taking:

A women’s multivitamin and mineral with sustained release. Extra calcium, balanced with proper ratios of magnesium and zinc for improved utilization. Two types of essential fatty acids, Omega-3 with EPA and DHA, and a broad spectrum with glucosamine for joint support. Alpha lipoic acid, a potent water and oil soluble antioxidant. Coenzyme Q-10 for heart and tissue health. Conjugated linoleic acid for building lean mass. Green tea extract, and some extra vitamin E.

Some of you know more about this stuff than I do, so fire away!

6 comments December 21st, 2005

Holiday Best

December Tuesday

This Week: Ten Best Things About The Holidays

10. Watching friends and family open presents
9. Driving around to look at Christmas lights
8. Manufacturers release their new wares
7. Christmas music playing everywhere
6. Helping decorate a Christmas tree
5. Wearing a scarf, gloves, and hat
4. Gingerbread latte at Starbucks
3. Holiday movie classics on TV
2. Visiting Santa at the mall
1. Baking holiday cookies

6 comments December 20th, 2005

House of Style

Runway MessI need a stylist! Normally I enjoy keeping myself fairly well dressed, but lately it’s been a maddening challenge to avoid wearing the same things each week. My choices are seriously lacking. Every weekend it’s become a ritual to hit the stores to expand my wardrobe, but it hasn’t been to much avail.

In trying to figure out what’s at the crux of this problem, I realized that I don’t even know what looks good on me any more. Furthermore, my personal style has always been difficult to label. My look is largely conservative, slightly contemporary, with a clear feminine bent, but I draw from some strange ends of the spectrum, as well.

Another part of the issue simply has to do with time. Though our taste naturally evolves over our lifespan, sometimes it takes a quantum leap. There were a handful of retailers whom I used to rely upon almost exclusively, and today when I walk inside nothing appeals to me. How funny that when you change a lot on the inside it eventually pushes its way out.

18 comments December 19th, 2005

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