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Growing Up

Ten on Tuesday

This Week: Ten Great Things About Being a Kid
10. Not knowing that anything is “impossible”
9. Playing with your schoolmates at recess
8. Spending time with your grandparents
7. Friends that all live a bike ride away
6. Three months of summer vacation
5. Having your very own chauffeur
4. Making new friends so easily
3. Getting absolutely filthy
2. Birthday celebrations
1. Limitless potential

7 comments January 24th, 2006

Cry Me A River

ShowerWhat ever happened to the days when you could cry freely and openly? I think that privilege ended when I turned five. It’s a shame, too… Because right about now I’d like free rein to break down and weep instead of holding it in.

Unfortunately, people would think I’m a basket case, or I’d upset people who care about me. But really, what’s wrong with crying? Maybe we should be more concerned about people who don’t cry, and a little less about ones who do.

I will continue to relegate my wailing to the shower until social mores change. It’s the perfect place for it: You’re already wet, no worries about smeared mascara or puffy red eyes, you can wash the snot right down the drain, and afterward you feel clean… Inside and out.

11 comments January 23rd, 2006

Non Sequitur

Non Sequitur - 01.20.2006

3 comments January 20th, 2006

Got Wheels?

Lake Runner

Public Service Announcement: We’re interrupting our usual depressing programming to bring you this little bit of mirth. Further proof that just when life’s really got you down, God comes through to keep hope afloat.

So, I’m at the gym moments before spinning class is about to begin, and as I’m preparing to don my spiffy new cycling shoes I suddenly realize that I left my towel in the car. Since I just purchased a new pair of trainers last night, I figured I’d just give them a quick test run.

The moment I started running I realized something was going terribly right. I kept getting faster, and faster; I could hardly believe it. People… I’ve got WHEELS! My first time running apart from the treadmill was the most unbelievable feeling. As an asthmatic, I had given up on the idea that a sprint like that was possible for me.

In the past few months I’ve experienced amazing victories in the area of my physical fitness. Never before have I felt so much like an athlete! Feeling the cold wind chap my cheeks as I streaked back to my car at the speed of light just solidified that… I conquered one of the last remaining frontiers where I once felt powerless to make radical change.

9 comments January 19th, 2006

Snooze Button

Snooze Button

Some call it lazy, but I prefer to refer to myself as a power sleeper. Makes it sound sexy, doesn’t it? Once I fall asleep, I hibernate for ages! Without the horrible invention known as an alarm, I could easily log in a great deal more than eight hours a night. As a teen, I routinely slept in on weekends for upwards of twelve hours.

Research has started to uncover that both quality and quantity of sleep play an important role in the aging process and impact overall health. This makes me happy. It gives me a scientific basis for my love of sleep. So, instead of pretending it’s not merely an escape, I can say I’m doing it for health reasons… Brilliant!

I’m afraid I must take note of this phenomenon though: When I’m stressed and feeling blue, I tend to sleep a whole lot more, with particular emphasis on hitting that snooze button one time too many… Incorporating the physical act of turning off my alarm, and even the alarm sound itself, right into the plot of my dreams.

Needless to say, I’ve been late to work a lot lately.

11 comments January 18th, 2006

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