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April 25th, 2006

Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather:

  • Be stuck beside somebody with horrible body odor on a crowded subway car or pressed against someone with an obvious erection on a long elevator ride?

    Think what you want about me, but I’d pick the boner. My sense of smell is way too keen, and I’m far too prone to vomit when something foul passes my nostrils.

  • Find out your parents kidnapped you when you were a baby and raised you as their own or find out you had a twin that died at birth that they never told you about?

    I’d rather find out about a deceased twin, because if my parents were so committed to having me as their own that they’d sink into a life of crime to obtain me, I certainly hope that I would have been treated a little bit better in my youth… Hmmph!

  • Find out that you will die exactly on your 75th birthday or never know?

    Piece of cake! I hate surprises. Loathe them. I’ll take the known over the unknown any day. Even though most people in my family live to see their mid-eighties and nineties, I’d be willing to sacrifice a decade or more just to know my checkout date in advance. Who knows, it could even revolutionize the way I live my life.

  • Have regular encounters with aliens and not have any proof or have your best friend be invisible?

    Alien life forms would freak the shit out of me. Fortunately, I don’t believe in their existence. Having an invisible friend might not be so awful. In fact, most of my best friends are pretty invisible as it is, since our busy lives force us to keep in touch verbally and via text. Plus, invisible friends can shoplift for you undetected.

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  • 1. Joefish  |  April 26th, 2006 at 7:13 pm

    1. Erection, definitely. It’s almost impossible to ignore a bad smell.

    2. Dead twin. It’s easy to understand how parents wouldn’t want to unload something like that on a little kid. And I could see how that kind of thing gets harder to talk about as time passes.

    3. Never know. I want to believe that I’ll live forever.

    4. Invisible friend. Think of all the mayhem and hijinks we could pull off.

  • 2. Nihility  |  April 27th, 2006 at 1:49 am

    1. This is a no brainer… elevator rides are shorter than subway rides. Anyway, the problem goes away with a swift kick, BO will stick around.
    2. I’m just gonna ignore this one.
    3. I’d like to have that one day when I know I’m gonna die so I can lash out with my true nature. Life without consequences? I may turn out to be a saint or wreck havoc upon the Earth. Who knows?
    4.If no anal probing is involved, I’d rather have the aliens. I gotta agree with you on this one, most of my friends are pretty much invisible and there’s no fun in that. Good thing we have cell phones. Besides, they may take me to the

  • 3. Grins  |  April 27th, 2006 at 10:41 am

    I’m with you on all of them except for knowing in advance when I’ll kick the bucket.

  • 4. Gene  |  June 27th, 2006 at 12:38 am

    1. Okay, if it’s a guy (I’m not into guys, sorry) with an erection then YUCK, not for me. But if it’s a girl with erect nipples, well, can’t complain.

    2. That’s a tough one. I’ll pass. Both sound rather grim.

    3. Okay, this one really sucks. Why? Because it’s a half-baked scenario. On one had say that you knew you were going to die on your 75th birthday. Wow. Great news right? No, what if you got into a car accident and became horribly disfigured and paralyzed or even comatosed for the rest of your life? What’s the big deal then? The quality of life matters more than anything here, I believe.

    On the otherhand, what if you ended you doing something wrong or getting thrown into the slammer for a life sentence for something you didn’t do? Again, that’s pretty lame since you can start counting the days because you’ll be there until you’re 75.

    On the otherhand suppose you didn’t know you were going to die and the same stuff happened? The question of when would kill you as much as if you knew especially if you’re rotting in a cell or again horribly disfigured, etc.

    4. Hmmm. Sounds like the same scenario either way, because if you could not prove either situation then what would the point be of the interaction?
    Unless… you got something out of it… like maybe the invisible friend and/or the aliens were really hot babes that were a bit naughty… then okay.

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