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Okay, so my first time on a road bike didn’t go so well… Unless you define “well” in my special way. Yes, I rode uphill through a patch of gravel and wiped out ugly. Indeed there was blood, but the humiliation was much more painful. Life has taught me well, so I dusted myself off and hopped back on, only to promptly fall again on the same open wounds, meanwhile incurring a few more… Still, mostly to the ego.

Honestly, it was still a hell of a lot of fun!

Didn’t end up coming home with a bike on Sunday. Turns out my frame needs a new paint job. I’ll be heading back out to the shop in Santa Paula again this weekend.

While anticipating delivery of this bike I am residing somewhere in the land beyond stoked. In fact, after just one day on a road bike, spinning classes may have been ruined for me forever… This new cycle of mine is going to ROCK! I can hardly wait to pick it up and share my joy with you via the combined magic of photos and the Internet… Stay tuned.

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