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This questionnaire was so off-the-wall that I simply had to comply. Behold its craptastic goodness! Feel free to partcipate, and enjoy…

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Ringo Starr

Prior to this, I can’t even remember the last concert I attended. It was probably so long ago that I was a teen. Recently broke that long dry spell by seeing Ringo and His All Starr Band at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City. Though it’s not an event that I would have chosen of my own accord, it turned out to be highly entertaining.

Take a look at the wild mix of performers Ringo Starr brought together for his tour: Rod Argent, Richard Marx, Sheila E, Billy Squier, Edgar Winter, and Hamish Stewart. Apart from Ringo himself (and who wouldn’t appreciate the opportunity to see a Beatle in concert?) the most impressive musician was Edgar Winter, who is a genius on keyboard, saxophone, guitar, and vocals.

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Pater Noster

Roadster ShowThis past Father’s Day was an automotive extravaganza. Dad and I kicked off the day at the LA Roadster Show at Fairplex in Pomona. We saw hundreds of road rods and it was really neat, even for someone like me, who knows little about classic cars.

Dad is building a “rot rod” in the garage, so after the show he took me for a spin, where he really opened up the engine for the first time. Particularly fun since there’s no windshield on it yet… Bug splatter on my cheek was sheer delight.

After that, we got some lunch and then headed over to Paseo Colorado where there just happened to be another car show. We looked over the gloss-covered beauties while waiting to see the latest movie from Pixar, which so perfectly matched the theme of the day: Cars.

From my dad’s perspective it was probably the best Father’s Day ever… Mission accomplished!

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Beat Street

Breakin\' TwoMaybe this topic is too much on the urban fringe for the blogging world, but I feel compelled to share my enjoyment of the XM radio station called “The Rhyme” …It’s like a flashback to some of the simpler moments of my youth.

On the playlist: Public Enemy, De La Soul, Doug E. Fresh, L.L. Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest, Kool Moe Dee, Roxanne Shante, 2 Live Crew, KRS One, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Beastie Boys, Erik B & Rakim, Afrika Bambaataa, Sugar Hill Gang, Big Daddy Kane, Queen Latifa, Biz Markie, and Kurtis Blow, to name a few.

Now, excuse me while I tie on a pair of shell-top Adidas with fat laces, bust out a piece of linoleum, and start popping and locking.

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MetamorphosisMany areas of my life are in need of greater illumination, and so a common frustration for me is accepting that I can only be where I’m at… I’ll be searching for answers about one thing only to be provided with other insights into things that appear to be completely unrelated.

We can’t force personal progress or even determine its direction. Instead, we find ourselves passing out of the darkness only by actively searching for areas where a fresh light is shining. Life has taught me to seek growth wherever it can be found, not just in the places I’d like to see it most.

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