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Ten on Tuesday

This Week: Ten Ways I Like to Relax

Here’s a timely subject. I’ve been through the wringer these last few months! Spending a little time on this exercise to figure out what makes me feel relaxed is probably a wise notion… Here goes!

10. Swimming – For me, there are few more relaxing experiences than floating around in the clear blue wetness. I love that weightless feeling you get when you’re underwater.

9. Cleaning – Don’t think I’m some kind of neat-freak, because I can be a mess at times, but I do find that when my body and environment are freshly cleansed and tidy I just feel a lot better… More like myself.

8. Touring – I detest driving. What I like is to be driven around by someone. We don’t need a specific destination. I just like to listen to music and look out the window to see new people and places.

7. Geekery – You know what I’m talking about… As frustrating as stretching our nerdy brains can be, there’s a certain zen in playing with code or learning something new about a technology that you enjoy.

6. Listening – I like a good story. Before my grandparents’ generation started passing away I enjoyed them often. Time-travelling with others broadens my perspective and furthers my understanding.

5. Solitude – As much as I adore people, sometimes I need time alone. In reflection, I find that the times I have spent in quiet thought always paid dividends far beyond the initial investment I had made.

4. Cycling – From the early days on my trike, to the BMX grandpa won for me, to mountain biking in college, to my beloved spinning classes, to these recent moments on a road bike… It’s always fun and freeing.

3. Playtime – Kids have this down to a science. They have an amazing capacity for fun! I find that by interacting with children I can reconnect with the simple things and my grown-up concerns melt away.

2. Helping – Often the most relaxing thing I can do is help others. Taking the focus off of myself and doing nice things for someone else makes me feel calm and happy… Plus, it’s a win-win situation.

1. Being Held – When it comes right down to it, I haven’t changed much since the day I was born. Still, the most comforting thing imaginable is to be held tenderly by someone who loves me through and through.

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Laundry List


Since I do not currently have internet access at my place of residence I have not updated in quite a while… And let me just tell you: I had no idea how much I relied on having all that glorious information right at my fingertips until it was no more. Now I feel quite disconnected.

Everyday life hasn’t changed much, even though it feels like everything is different… It’s an illusion. I’m still me, though always evolving, which is the norm. Work is still work. Friends are still friends. Family still family. Respiration seems to continue just the same as ever… Life goes on.

Managed to have some fun over the Memorial Day weekend. Following a business conference at Desert Springs I took my first train ride in ages. The next time you’re in So Cal, hop on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and enjoy a relaxing journey with a fantastic ocean view.

On Sunday, I was priviliged to attend what will likely prove to be the most opulent wedding celebration that I will ever witness. Held near the shore at a Malibu estate, words can’t describe how beautiful it was, and my lame cell phone photos couldn’t do it any justice either.

Went to see Benchwarmers on Monday. I don’t know why more people didn’t enjoy this movie… My best friend and I laughed until we peed. Then again, my friends and I tend to have the same sense of humor as the average thirteen year old boy. So, there you have it!

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