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Bald Guyz

Bald GuyzWhen was the last time you strolled through your local drug store? Recently some friends and I ducked into a Rite-Aid to escape the heat and humidity, and as we looked around we discovered some items that had us literally rolling in the aisles.

May I present to you Exhibit A to your left: Bald Guyz Head Shampoo and Conditioner.

First off, if you’re bald why even shampoo, much less condition? You should just buff and go, which makes another item in their brand line-up, Head Wipes, a more sensible choice… Though every bit as funny.

Lioness SupplementContinuing down the nutritional supplement aisle, we came upon a row of something called “Lioness” which just due to name alone caused us to pause and consider. Upon further investigation, the description for its use only caused raucous laughter… “Women’s Sexual Libido Booster”

Now, I’m sure low sex drive among women is a very serious problem, and you have my sympathy… But LIONESS?! …If they’re too uptight to hop in the sack as often as you’d like, chances are they won’t be too eager to yank that embarassing purple and yellow box off the shelf either – You lose!

14 comments August 23rd, 2006

Squirrel Meat

Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather:

  • Own the world’s ugliest or most valuable dog?

    I’d sell that expensive dog and buy something fun.

  • Eat squirrel meat or deep fried crickets?

    Squirrel… Perhaps I can pretend it’s chicken.

  • Never have to sleep or never have to eat?

    I’m a wreck on less than eight hours and lately my life has been so busy that I rarely get a full forty winks. Sharing meals can be a fun social event, so I’d much prefer not to need the rest.

  • Always smell like you need to shower or like you just woke up?

    Following a few weekends of sweaty nastyness, I’ll have to pass on smelling funky. Especially since I have a highly functioning sniffer. Besides, I don’t look so bad when I first wake up in the morning.

8 comments August 8th, 2006

Cycling Haiku

CyclistTonight I accidentally left my headphones behind at home, so I spent a two hour training ride contemplating the Zen of cycling while creating haikus.

Though I forgot the best of them already, here are a few that managed to stick around:

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