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Wasting Time

Ten on Tuesday

This Week: Ten Things I’d Do If I Had More Time

Since I took up cycling it has just about occupied every spare moment, a bit like having a second full time job, except this I actually enjoy. You’d think during the two weeks I was recovering from e.coli in my kidney I’d have done a few of these things, but I didn’t…

10. Catch up on reading – There are ten to fifteen books sitting on my shelf just waiting to be cracked open, and I don’t know when that’s going to ever happen. Maybe I should start reading during my lunch breaks or something, otherwise I don’t see any hope.

9. Start posting regularly – Having more time on my hands would help, since then I could come up with some entertaining drivel, but the bigger issue was mentioned in a previous post which explains that I’m still not free to write about the things that really matter to me.

8. Get a new hairstyle – Something went wrong when my stylist sold her salon. I went from being the girl with the consistently fabulous hair to the girl who wants to cry because she hates how her hair looks every day. I don’t know what to do about this grave issue.

7. Freshen up my site – It’s been a long time since I made any changes to the look of this weblog. If I had hours to play around with the CSS I could probably come up with something amazing like the rest of you have, but I just can’t sit still for that long these days.

6. Visit with family – Not that they’re all that fun or anything, but perhaps I could make a stronger effort to reconnect with my relatives if I had more free time. Though I believe I do a decent job, somebody always feels like I haven’t been available enough.

5. Take some classes – I enjoy being a student and I’m good at it, too. You know me; I’m the annoying sack of shit in your class who screwed up the grading curve. Learning makes me feel all tingly. Some day I’ll want to go back to school… Just for fun.

4. Read your blogs – Whenever I check my Bloglines account it makes me want to break down and cry… In fact, I just hovered over my notifier in Firefox and it says I have 1,719 unread items. I truly miss being on the pulse of everything that’s going on inside your minds.

3. Make new friends – Though I don’t quite know how I’d go about doing that, I’m sure that given more free time I could at least come up with some places I could go or things I could do to meet some like-minded people. Heck, you can never have too many good friends.

2. Go shopping – Once in a while I try to duck into a store and find some clothes, but I’m invariably too stressed out to spend the time it takes searching for things that look great and are just my style. I used to enjoy shopping, but these days it’s become an ugly chore.

1. Ride my bike – After all that dreaming it’s time for a reality check: Let’s be truthful, if I had more time I would most likely spend it cycling. I can’t even tell you how sad I am that the days are getting shorter… And daylight savings time is about to end!

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Bad Spinach

Hospital BearOne of my kidneys decided to give me some grief last week. Ended up in the hospital for four days with a bad infection. Despite copious amounts of antibiotic my white blood cell count and fever didn’t show enough improvement so they locked me up. This kidney infection did a number on me. My energy is way down and I can see it’s going to take a while to fully recover… SUCK!

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