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Far be it from me to ignore a free writing prompt. When you tag me to respond to a meme that’s been going around, I respond. But when somebody creates a questionnaire just for me… Well, that’s just cool. Donny Quixote wants answers, and I’ve got ’em queued up.

First, I’d like to thank him for spending time browsing the archives to learn more. Brave. For most humans that’s a major cause of narcolepsy. Second, I’ve been gun-shy about writing recently, so he’s doing me a huge favor. Without further ado…

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Pimp My Ride

Managed to exceed my sponsorship goal without promoting the cause. Friends and family kicked me over the $350 minimum within weeks of my enrollment… But that’s no reason not to offer you the opportunity to support my involvement in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.

Remember last year when we helped my best friend reach his minimum donation for this very same two-day cycling event? Back then, I warned him that next time I’d be pimping my own ride… And I kept my word!

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