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Black Eye

When you have long hair, a good haircut can last months. Then one day you wake up and all of a sudden it just stops working. For me, that was last night, so this morning I called to make an appointment. First, they redirect me to a new location saying that my stylist was promoted. I call the new place and they tell me she has tons of openings… Should have been a clue that something was amiss since she’s usually booked two weeks out.

Twenty minutes later I’m on the freeway heading over (on my lunch break) when a call rings in from the appointment desk telling me, “Oops, she’s at the old place today!” No big deal. I continue a little further to the original salon. Then I sit there for twenty five minutes before anybody seems to notice the increasingly perturbed look on my face.

I ask, “Is she even here?” and that’s when I find out they hadn’t been able to track down my stylist. After I explain the misdirections that already occurred and review my time constraints, the receptionist summons a manager. Many apologies are made and she offers services on the house. So, I’m scared to death, but I agree to get it over with.

Big mistake! Only in Misty’s Wonderland does a complaint result in something marvelous. In my world, you walk out with crappy wet hair and a black eye. Yeah, you heard me. A black eye! She tagged me in the orbital bone with her blowdryer… That’s what I get for complaining!

18 comments January 30th, 2007

In Memorial

GravesEvery once in a while an inanimate object will offer service so far above and beyond the call of duty that it deserves a special salute. This week I had a pair of stockings finally bite the dust, in grand style, after four months of repeated washing and wearing. Ladies, you know this is truly exceptional.

Working five days a week at an office that requires women to always keep their legs wrapped in (the sausage casings known as) nylons can cause a decent impact on your pocketbook. Pantyhose sell for anywhere between $5 to $15 each on average. Let’s not even talk about my secret love for Wolford, which can set you back around $100 per pair. And how long do they last? Maybe two weeks if you’re lucky.

Therefore, I salute you, magical stockings. You seemed like a simple pair of Calvin Klein nylons from the sale bin at Marshall’s but you gave $3.99 of value a dozen times over. When at last you gave up the ghost, with a run as wide as my fist from hip to mid-calf, I wore it proudly for the rest of the day as a memorial to your excellent service.

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