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For a decade I was loyal to Samsung mobile phones. Never had a problem. Switched carriers and picked up a Motorola. Big mistake. You’d think with the one-year warranty I’d be fairly well covered, but no. Replacements are refurbs. It would appear that refurbished means still not working, because three phones later I’m still having trouble.

Much to my amazement, when I recently called about this series of events and to report that my latest phone began to malfunction (note: warranty expired) they weren’t totally heartless. After informing me that the SLVR is no longer available, they decided to sell me the new phone of my choice at the price a brand new subscriber would pay.

Not only does that suck for the obvious reason, but also because there are no phones I’m excited about right now. I’m with AT&T so you’d think the iPhone would be a slam-dunk, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Especially regarding the on-screen keyboard. So please, oh wise ones, fire away with your recommendations, and thank you in advance.

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