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Hippo Birdie

Thank you so much to all of you who blew up my phone and e-mail with birthday love. It means more to me this year than ever to know so many people who really care. Some of you haven’t even met me in person (though thanks to Blogasm that’ll be changing early next year) and yet you still provide so much love and support. I love you, too!

Fulcrum Zero Wheels

Mad props to the most awesomest guy alive, the one and only Jordan, who got everyone to pitch in and surprise me with possibly the most unbelievably sexy cycling wheels ever, the Fulcrum Racing Zero. No lie, I’ve had a picture of them on the wall in my room for over a year, attached to the sexiest bike on earth, the DeRosa Idol… Next time?

Hugs to my precious auntie for (saving my life and) decorating the house. I was pretty bummed out after being fried by lasers and shot a couple dozen times with potions at the dermatologist. But the sadness vanished when I walked in and saw the Happy Birthday sign and giant pink balloons everywhere. As always, you rock!

It’s already been one of the best birthdays ever – XOXOX!

12 comments August 29th, 2007

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman FlexHelp me pick out a new pair of sneakers! Slip inside my lasso of truth and tell me which of the options below you fancy most. After heading over to the online Nike store to design a custom pair I became inspired by the fabulous Wonder Woman. Rather than sulk as I notice the days growing shorter while I’m out there trying to squeeze out every last drop of cycling fun following each work day, I figured this year I might try easing the transition into the off-season by getting excited about cross training. Running being a slightly less deadly cardio exercise option in twilight, I need an outrageous pair of kicks to spur my motivation.

Wonder Woman Shoes

14 comments August 23rd, 2007

Gimme Sum

Too FunnyAt first glance I figured maybe they sold calculators, but when I walked up to get a little closer I realized it was the sort of thing one could only find in Fontucky… God bless San Bernardino County and their interesting retail concepts.

Perhaps if I could stop laughing so hard every time I see that sign, I might be able to mozy in and place an order for some chicken-fried sushi with a side order of eda-yo-mame.

7 comments August 21st, 2007

Fight the Power

Pasadena City HallI’ve been a Pasadena, California resident since birth, and for the most part I have enjoyed life in the city of roses. We don’t have to look far to find places to play, great shops, tons of diversity, and tasty food.

As a cyclist, I especially enjoy the many bike routes and legendary group rides such as Montrose and the Rose Bowl. Adding to the excitement, it was recently announced that the Amgen Tour of California (one of the premier pro cycling events in the US) will finish with a criterium in our town.

Which is why it was so strange that a week later a new ordinance was passed by the city council to outlaw the peloton. That term refers to a group of cyclists riding together in a free formation, such as you’ll see during any of the grand tours, like the Tour de France. So, let me get this straight: The pro peloton is coming to town, and you want to OUTLAW that style of riding for all the local cycling fans? Brilliant!

Continue Reading 15 comments August 10th, 2007


Habitat for Humanity - Fullerton Build

Took a vacation day last week to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity building homes for low-income families in the city of Fullerton, California. Somehow I had imagined we’d be painting, sanding, planting, or doing something else that required little or no actual skill, but I was way off.

We were asked to do things like move tons of lumber and boards over pipe ditches, build window and door frames from scratch, and install floor boards atop an exposed second story while balancing precariously on floor joists. It was hard work, but I must admit it was fun.

Looking for a way to make a difference in your community? Visit the Habitat for Humanity website and find out if there’s a chapter near you. They’re always looking for volunteers. Nail guns for everyone!

7 comments August 5th, 2007

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