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You guys… I’m going to be a mom! I’m not pregnant, just exaggerating. The real news is that I’m going to be a godmother, which is almost as awesome. Beth and Jason asked me to accept this great honor as we were cruising around Downtown Disney last weekend, and I was so happy that I nearly burst into tears right in front of Haagen Dazs.

This couple is in the process of adopting from the California Department of Social Services. I’m so impressed that they’ve chosen to adopt older kids who could otherwise face a difficult time finding a good home. They’re deciding between a ten-year-old and a pair of siblings ages two and six, but it’s ultimately up to their social worker to make the call.

As with any undertaking involving the bureaucratic nightmare factory (aka the government) there are a number of hoops they must jump through, but they’re wading through the piles of paperwork and hours of classes with speed and fervor. It’s even going faster than expected. The prospect of having a new generation around is thrilling for all of us, so we’re keeping them bolstered with tons of support.

I’m so excited for them, and about becoming a first-time godmomma!

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