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Viva Las Vegas

Pink Taco at Hard Rock Las Vegas

So, the Ninja and I hopped in the car and drove to Vegas. We stayed at the Signature at MGM Grand, which was made even more enjoyable thanks to a free upgrade to a penthouse suite. Pretty nifty. Not that we spent a lot of time there, since we were in the other city that never sleeps, and there’s no shortage of fun things to do and see.

However, the whole point was to meet Misty, Dena, Shelly, Lisa, Gina, Monica, Tasha, and Salena. Regrettably, only 5/8ths of that goal was achieved because (despite my best effort) I couldn’t track down the last three. However, it was lovely meeting those first five special ladies. Turns out your blogs very accurately portray who you are and what you’re all about… You’re each as fantastic as I’d imagined, and more!

Now that I know how awesome you are, I wish that Virginia Beach were right next door to Southern California. Though the Ninja and I are a couple of premature (yet immature) fuddy-duddies who don’t drink, smoke, or gamble, we hope there will be many more fun times to spend together soon. Maybe with hubbies and kids even… No? …Or not.

I should have done this in person, but I didn’t want to get all serious on you in the midst of all the fun, so listen: Blogger friendships may seem too distant or detached from outsider perspectives, but the laughter and support we share means a lot me. Thank you for sticking around through some very tough times, and for never forgetting that I exist even when my posts dwindle down to once or twice a month.

You’re each amazing, wonderful people, and I love you… XOXOX!

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Road Trip

Bunny MascotWe’re hitting the road one weekend after another in March. Last weekend we went up the California coast to participate in the Solvang Century. It was my first time riding over 100 miles in a single day, and boy was I beat when it was over. Seven hours of riding, and a significant stretch of it fighting strong headwinds on uphill climbs. Looking back, I’m proud of that accomplishment, but it’s not something I’d enjoy doing on a regular basis.

(The bunny on my handlebars helps though.)

Normally, I prefer 30-50 mile rides while surrounded by ten to twenty of my other road biking buddies, and of course, the one and only Jordan. I’m stoked that we’re once again enjoying daylight savings time (also known as cycling season). My office life sucks, but it’s made more tolerable when I can ride off the stress after work.

Blogasm 2008

This weekend we’re heading out for yet another road trip. We’re gearing up for Las Vegas where we’ll be meeting a few of my favorite peeps on earth! I’m so excited. Good thing I’ve been so busy lately, otherwise I’d be obsessing over what to pack, dreaming about the fun we’ll have, and stressing that I’ll be too shy to enjoy it all.

As it stands, I’m worried about not having appropriate shoes for all the walking required in that town, so I wrote to Manolo the Shoeblogger for advice. To my great pleasure, he wrote about it and made suggestions. I’ll try and head over to a nearby Cole Haan boutique later tonight and find some of those Nike Air heels he recommends.

See you gals soon! XOXOX

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Little Monsters

Little Monsters

Last weekend The Ninja and I had the extreme pleasure of watching over two darling children for some dear friends who were away on a skiing trip. The pair of siblings consists of a girl about 10 or 11 and a boy around 6 or 7, who were in our care from the moment school let out on Friday until it resumed again Monday morning.

The best part was the kids. They were awesome. Just the way kids should be. Quirky and fun and sloppy and charming. Caring for them was a pleasure. We played nonstop. We baked cookies, picked up a new Webkinz, went to baseball practice, went bowling, rode our bikes, and spent way too much time rotting our brains with video games.

But, let’s set the stage. These kids aren’t from any normal suburban town. They live in Rancho Santa Fe, known to locals as “The Ranch” – the second most exclusive residential area in the nation. Mind you, the reason it’s exclusive could be the curvy, poorly marked roads that caused me to get lost once, leaving me in tears of frustration.

If you’re ever able to find their home and get inside without setting off the alarm (like I did, accidentally, resulting in a confrontation by armed security… again, leaving me in tears) you’ll find that it’s not normal either. Even the toilet seat has a secret life, keeping the seat warm, deodorizing the air, rinsing and drying you off. It’s an unusual place.

All weekend I thought about all my mommy blogger friends, wondering what tales I’d bring back to empathize with your frequent struggles. But, the only complaint I now truly understand is about laundry. You’d think over one measly weekend there wouldn’t be much, but I ended up having to wash, dry, fold, and put away five super-sized loads.

Not much to complain about. Except when you consider that when you’re caring for two kids in a house with like five bedrooms and five bathrooms, that equals a whole lot of running around. There are weekends where I’ve put in over 100 miles on the bike, but never has it made me as tired as a weekend of traversing that house.

It may have been only a glimpse, but my hat is off to you, ladies.

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