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Cabo San Ninja

Pueblo Bonito Rose Cabo San Lucas

Would you believe I finally got the very first stamp on my passport?

The Ninja brought me along on an all-expense paid trip to a resort in Mexico! He kicked some butt at work and earned a vacation that began on his birthday. We kicked off the last year of his 20s at the Pueblo Bonito Rose in Cabo San Lucas with a few dozen of his co-workers.

It was a four-day trip and Jordan’s company organized transportation, lodging, meals, and even provided an additional $125 per person room credit that we could use on spa treatments, room service, or whatever. The resort wasn’t brand new, but our experience was still very nice.

Most of our friends went on excursions (riding quads, parasailing) but the two of us mostly relaxed in and by various pools and worked on undoing some of our cycling tan lines. We enjoyed a preview of summer weather with temps in the 90s by day and mid 60s at night.

Had I written this right after I returned, my review of Mexico would be slightly more glowing. But I’m still getting over (for lack of a better term) intestinal trouble, bug bites, and a head cold, so I’m slightly less than thrilled with travel in general, especially to third world countries.

In fact, if you take a look at how we spent the room credit, it pretty much sums up what trips with the two of us are all about: we’re always hungry, so there are tons of charges for room service, and the rest went for snacks, hydration, bug sprays, lip balms, and sunscreen.

We may not be well-suited for travel, but we still had fun!

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Time Trial

Mario Cipollini Rock Racing Time Trial Amgen Tour of California 2008After two years of riding my bike I figured it was high time I entered a competitive cycling event. Since I’m still not super confident riding closely in a peloton, it was decided that my ideal premiere would be an individual time trial. On my own going as fast as I can for a specific duration. Competing with others to achieve the best time without risking getting tangled up in the fray.

The results: I finished 4th… Out of 4.

That last-place finish doesn’t do much for my ego, but I learned a lot from the experience. Mainly that when you’re nervous it makes you have to pee. A lot! And wearing bib shorts, having no restrooms in the vicinity, showing up too late to warm up, and riding an unfamiliar course, are all things that don’t help.

Not only that, but it should also be mentioned that in many womens cycling events they group all categories together since there are so few women involved in the sport. So where men might race with no more than 2 categories, my pathetic little category 4 slow newbie ass is up against professional and semi-professional female cyclists from all over. Kind-of makes that 4th place finish not sound so bad after all.

Since I have that first event under my belt, I’ll be trying a few more throughout the season. Maybe even a road race and/or a criterium toward the end of this month, and I’ll keep you posted on my results as they come. Originally my goal was not to be dead last, but I think I’ll set my sights a bit lower from now on… Finishing at all is good!

Watch me jinx even that. 😉       PS: Happy Birthday Jordan!!! XOXOX

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