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I’m the girl who never engaged a single brain cell dreaming about what her “big day” would be like, and who even chose to elope the first time around. But now that I’ve actually planned a whole to-do, I might be starting to see the point…

Honestly, I can’t imagine why anybody would put herself through the nerve-wracking insanity for anything less than her perfect mate. Once you’ve made it through the gauntlet that leads up to your wedding day, later on if things start to go awry in your marriage, I promise you’ll think back to the wedding preparations and realize that in comparison your present woes are quite manageable.

Of course, that’s if you’re not “cheating” by enlisting outside help from family or friends. Both of which I’m told generally end up being more trouble than help. Also in the category of doing more harm than good are those brick-like bridal magazines, which I am convinced serve only to fill your head full of stuff you don’t really need, to support yet another industry that preys on ignorance and insecurity.

I did as much of the work as possible on my own to keep costs down, then negotiated like crazy for everything else. Believe me, you’ll barely get the “W” in “wedding” out of your mouth before the price of everything quadruples! Our pastor claimed the average wedding runs $40 grand, but we kept it closer to one tenth that amount while trying to make it look like we forfeited the down payment on a house.

It wasn’t easy, but perhaps we pulled it off. All that hard work just to marry my best friend so we can spend more time together riding bikes and making each other laugh? Totally worth it!

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