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Movin’ On Up

New HomeGot the keys to our new place last night. That’s just the most recent of the many news items occurring since my last post dated eleven weeks ago. You’re hearing from me again because I finally managed to move this site to a new host. (Media Temple, if you’re curious.) Turned out not to be as easy as one would hope, but here I am, up and running again. It’s so much nicer working out of a database that doesn’t constantly time out.

Back to my first point: the Ninja and I will finally be moving into our own little love nest. There will be plenty of work to do. After the packing and unpacking there will be painting, decorating, and eventually upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom. Fortunately, I will have plenty of extra time to take care of these things once my job ends in two weeks. Every time the economy takes a dive, marketing takes the first hit.

Which leads me to news item two: I’ll be returning to college in January, studying for a degree in Management Information Systems. Although I’ve really enjoyed the last 15 years I spent making other companies and individuals wealthy, I’ve grown weary of this roller coaster. My last layoff was after 9/11 and I’m seeing a trend. Time to make a transition.

Now that I think about it, I guess my New Year’s resolutions are all set: A new home, learning new skills, and working toward a new career. That’s plenty to bite off and chew on for a year or more! How about you? What things, great and small, do you plan to tackle in 2009?

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