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October 2nd, 2010

No homework this weekend… Wahoo! Had a fun time watching the University of Washington tonight in their football game against USC. The two ninjas got decked out in their purple team gear and we all rooted for papa’s alma mater. This year’s game was almost a dead ringer for last year’s, except this time USC was the home team. The ending was the same though – a field goal in the final few seconds gave our Dawgs the win!

I’ve been extra proud to join my husband in rooting for the Huskies this past couple seasons because one of my friends from high school is now an assistant coach at UW, and their head coach, Steve Sarkisian, is of half-Armenian heritage just like me… and the Kardashians.

Day 4 of 30 Days of Truth…
Someone I Need To Forgive

This is easy. Except it isn’t just one person I need to forgive, it’s a whole gender. My own, to be exact. With rare exception I’ve been hurt by women for as long as I can remember. When my mother wasn’t neglectful she was abusive. Then there was her sister, who liked to nit-pick me to death about everything from my hair color to her perceptions about my character.

Getting outside of the family circle didn’t improve matters either. Once I was out of primary school and girls fell under the influence of hormones all my same-gender friendships went to hell in a handbasket. Betrayals and backstabbing, lies and jealousy. All the stereotypical nonsense. Didn’t take me long to improve my quality of life by associating only with men.

But now that I’m a mom I’m trying to reach out and give women another chance. It’s not easy to overcome the fear and trepidation that result from my past experiences. It’s proving difficult to treat each person fairly without preconceived notions based upon outward appearance and initial behavior… Maybe more so because we’re living in Stepford south Orange County.

So far so good though. I’m taking it slow.

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  • 1. shelly  |  October 3rd, 2010 at 4:06 am

    I am sorry that the past women in your life were so shitty. I would have never guessed that based on how kind you have always been to me that you have such a reluctance to trust other women.

  • 2. smizzo  |  October 3rd, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    So THAT’S why you are so beautiful! 🙂

    I am so sorry that you went through those difficult times. Being the woman that you are today just proves how strong and amazing you are to have broken the cycle. Not many people can do that, AB.


  • 3. The Bombshell  |  October 8th, 2010 at 8:37 am

    @smizzo: Thanks, babydoll. I wouldn’t trade what I’ve been through because it’s ultimately made me a better person.

  • 4. soapbox.SUPERSTAR  |  October 4th, 2010 at 4:41 am

    I have always identified with men more so than women, but have been lucky to keep several girl friends for many years now. I would trust them with my life. But there are still women out there that are just horrible humans… and they breed and make kids that are not much better.

  • 5. Keri  |  October 11th, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    Ahh, them bitches are just jealous ’cause you’re so gorgeous! 🙂

    I struggle with the same mistrust toward women. All the cattiness and shit-talking just turns me off. Aside from a few tried-and-true girls, throughout the better part of my life I’ve usually associated with guys. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I actually put forth a great effort to find (good) girlfriends. It isn’t easy.

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