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Ready To Pop

Sixteen days until our daughter makes her debut in this world. We can hardly wait to kiss her sweet cheeks. And yes, I have reached that point where I am yearning to be finished with this pregnancy. We had an ultrasound yesterday and from what I could tell she doesn’t look much like her big brother at all. Not surprising since their parents look nearly as different as two people can.

You know what else? I have a confession to make. Clearly, I’m lacking the mom genes (pun intended) that cause you to think your kids are gorgeous. When it comes to my son, I think he’s cute but not much more so than most other kids. And you know what else? When I saw baby girl yesterday I thought to myself… “That is not a good looking baby.” Not that I believe looks are everything, but not having any “Aren’t my babies gorgeous?!” blinders at my disposal does make me kind-of feel like a bad mom.

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Thoughts on Religion and Politics

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The Right Stuff

It’s been another busy week. After making it through midterms, next up was Halloween, which now that I’m a mom actually involves doing more than just buying a few bags of candy to hand out to the neighborhood kids.

As you can see, the little man was looking cute dressed up as a NASA Astronaut Commander. We also dressed him as a dinosaur on Saturday night. My mother in law and sister in law came over to enjoy the festivities on Sunday and we took the kiddo trick-or-treating at the homes of a few close neighbors just for fun.

The not so fun part was when I noticed a water leak coming through the ceiling into the kitchen. The Ninja played the part of Superman that night by locating the source of the leak and making it stop… My hero! Turns out the hot water pipe valve connector from the bathroom sink upstairs had started slowly dripping and the water eventually worked its way down to the first floor.

Since we had already committed to having new windows installed before this little mishap occurred, I was worried about the financial fiasco this water damage could cause. Fortunately the fix will be fairly minor, but in the future let’s please try not to give the pregnant woman a heart attack.

Those new windows were just installed today and I’m already loving the difference. The additional peace and quiet is great. Upgrading is a decent investment if you have old, single-pane, aluminum framed windows and sliding glass doors like we did. The new stuff looks and works great.

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A Hero Who Has Let Me Down

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For the first time in months I’m caught up on all my feeds in Google Reader. For the two minutes that lasted I felt truly accomplished. Should have spent that time working on my homework but I just wasn’t in the mood to practice writing arrays in C#. (Insert snoring sound here.)

By the way, if you haven’t seen me comment on your blog in a while, chances are I’m not subscribed to the right feed, so let me know.

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Someone Who Drifted Away

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No homework this weekend… Wahoo! Had a fun time watching the University of Washington tonight in their football game against USC. The two ninjas got decked out in their purple team gear and we all rooted for papa’s alma mater. This year’s game was almost a dead ringer for last year’s, except this time USC was the home team. The ending was the same though – a field goal in the final few seconds gave our Dawgs the win!

I’ve been extra proud to join my husband in rooting for the Huskies this past couple seasons because one of my friends from high school is now an assistant coach at UW, and their head coach, Steve Sarkisian, is of half-Armenian heritage just like me… and the Kardashians.

Day 4 of 30 Days of Truth…
Someone I Need To Forgive

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chrysalisI’ve been thinking about what to do with this blog for some time now. Meanwhile, most of my blogging buddies have given up on ever seeing me post again. Can’t say I blame you. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say, just that I’ve had nothing to say here.

My life has changed so much – and in such wonderful ways – that the original tone and usual content you found here just isn’t who I am right now. However, there’s still so much I’d like to share with those of you I’ve come to adore over the years. Expect an email from me in coming weeks with a link to the new site.

As for the Atomic Bombshell, she will not fade into oblivion just yet. In fact, I plan to relaunch this site to cover my passion for cycling. Eventually, I hope to help build a local cycling team and utilize this site as the communications hub for that group. Or who knows, maybe it can even serve to support female cyclists and related events throughout the region.

Here’s to new beginnings!

15 comments April 3rd, 2009

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