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Yesterday our fourteen month old bundle of radical took his first steps. The night before, while I was away at school, he and his papa were dancing and he was standing up on his own more than usual. Wanting to see for myself, we fired up some Foo Fighters the next morning and sure enough the dancing began.

But before we knew it he started taking steps forward! It was such a neat feeling watching that happen for the first time, and I’m so glad we were both there to see it. Later that night we posted this video of his next attempts to walk on his own. As you will hear, My Ninja is a proud papa! Mama says well done, Kal-El.

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Something People Compliment Me About

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For the first time in months I’m caught up on all my feeds in Google Reader. For the two minutes that lasted I felt truly accomplished. Should have spent that time working on my homework but I just wasn’t in the mood to practice writing arrays in C#. (Insert snoring sound here.)

By the way, if you haven’t seen me comment on your blog in a while, chances are I’m not subscribed to the right feed, so let me know.

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Someone Who Drifted Away

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What a fun weekend. My Ninja had to work on Saturday morning but in trade he got to take Monday off, so it was like having a three-day weekend together. Saturday we kicked back for the rest of the day then cruised around town after dinner.

Then, on Sunday we hit up Downtown Disney after church and met up with my brother-in-law and his wife for dinner. Yesterday we went up to our old stomping grounds, ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, and visited with my dad and his wife, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law.

This week will be jam-packed, but at least we’re refreshed and ready.

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Someone Who Makes My Life Worth Living

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Give Me Fever

What a day we had yesterday! Woke up early to take the wagon in for service. Got to the dealership, dropped off the keys, then started to share a bite of breakfast with my little man while we waited. Wasn’t expecting everything he downed to come right back up while we’re hanging out in the showroom.

Did my best to clean up but we needed fresh clothes. The service manager took pity on us and fixed us up with a rental car so we could get home to deal with the situation properly. Except Enterprise had a shortage of rental cars in the region, so I got to accept the only vehicle they had available.

You should have seen me behind the wheel of this Dodge Ram 1500 truck. Picture me at five and a half months pregnant trying to open the back gate and climb up in to the truck bed to get the stroller in and out. I almost needed to use a rope and grapple just to get in the stinking driver’s seat. Pure comedy, I tell you.

My little ninja isn’t doing so hot. This is his first nasty virus. His fever kept rocketing up to 104 degrees despite our best efforts, so we ended up taking him to the emergency room last night where we learned about alternating between Tylenol and Advil to keep the fever under control. So far so good.

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Something I Hope To Accomplish

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No homework this weekend… Wahoo! Had a fun time watching the University of Washington tonight in their football game against USC. The two ninjas got decked out in their purple team gear and we all rooted for papa’s alma mater. This year’s game was almost a dead ringer for last year’s, except this time USC was the home team. The ending was the same though – a field goal in the final few seconds gave our Dawgs the win!

I’ve been extra proud to join my husband in rooting for the Huskies this past couple seasons because one of my friends from high school is now an assistant coach at UW, and their head coach, Steve Sarkisian, is of half-Armenian heritage just like me… and the Kardashians.

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Someone I Need To Forgive

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