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Ten on Tuesday

Though I’m nearly a week late, it’s been a while since I did one of these weekly “Top Tens” and this one made me smile, so here you go:

This Week’s Topic: Ten Best Games

1. TETRIS – Nearly wore out the buttons on my Motorola SLVR because of this game. My high scores would blow your mind. As an unexpected bonus, mad Tetris skillz have a real-life application: You can pack and move all your household belongings into storage in under five hours.

2. KINGDOM OF LOATHING – If you’ve ever played an online text-based RPG you’ll love this game. The NPC concepts and combat messages are hilarious, and some of the quests could drive you to drink, but that’s ok because drinking earns you extra turns each day. Trust me and try it.

3. MONOPOLY – Though most people probably burn out on this one after a few tries, there’s a special breed of people who don’t tire of this classic board game. I’m one of them. These days the game goes much faster thanks to computers taking care of tedious manual tasks.

4. SETTLERS OF CATAN – Not your usual board game, simple to pick up and fun to master, this game puts your mind to work. With a little bit of luck and a decent strategy your colony will claim victory.

5. APPLES TO APPLES – An interactive card game, mostly for kids, which is more about how well you know the people you’re playing with than anything else. This game gave me and the step kids so many laughs.

6. SUPER MARIO BROS – There’s a good reason why this is the best selling video game of all time: It’s fun! My mom withstood my begging and pleading for a video gaming console until the NES came out, but after that I spent a large chunk of my childhood playing this game.

7. CHEZ GEEK – I have to thank PJ for this one. He brought it with him on his visit from Canada and I liked this card game so much that I got my own deck after he left. Now I just need to find a geek to play with.

8. MAJOR MUD – It may not be as widely known as World of Warcraft, but I must pay homage to a precursor to that modern-day classic. Though I’ve made so many good friends playing MajorMUD, please take my advice and never marry anyone you met in an RPG.

9. CAESAR & CLEOPATRA – Not many people know of this card game, but it won awards when it came out in 1998. Game play and strategy are fun and simple, and I like the elegant shape and design of the cards.

10. MINDTRAP – This is another game that most of you probably haven’t heard of, but I really like it. It involves solving logical riddles, and some of them are so difficult, they’ll really get your gears turning.

BONUS: Don’t forget the ARCADE GAMES here at Atomic Bombshell. Choose from Pac Man, Asteroids, Tetris, Space Invaders, Hexxagon, Simon, Snake, and Tic-Tac-Toe. Always here and ready for you to play.

11 comments December 3rd, 2007

Nike Plus

Nike PlusListen up, all you Blogasm gals: Originally, I picked up the Nike Plus kit as a way of keeping me motivated to keep up my cardio once cycling season ended, but after reading post after post about how so many of you are hoping to shed a few pounds before Vegas next spring, and after having so much fun with the system over the last month, I feel it’s my personal duty to invite you to enjoy the magic of Nike Plus with me…

Continue Reading 11 comments November 7th, 2007



For a decade I was loyal to Samsung mobile phones. Never had a problem. Switched carriers and picked up a Motorola. Big mistake. You’d think with the one-year warranty I’d be fairly well covered, but no. Replacements are refurbs. It would appear that refurbished means still not working, because three phones later I’m still having trouble.

Much to my amazement, when I recently called about this series of events and to report that my latest phone began to malfunction (note: warranty expired) they weren’t totally heartless. After informing me that the SLVR is no longer available, they decided to sell me the new phone of my choice at the price a brand new subscriber would pay.

Not only does that suck for the obvious reason, but also because there are no phones I’m excited about right now. I’m with AT&T so you’d think the iPhone would be a slam-dunk, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Especially regarding the on-screen keyboard. So please, oh wise ones, fire away with your recommendations, and thank you in advance.

19 comments July 26th, 2007

Celebration IV

Crashed the Star Wars 30th anniversary Celebration IV at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Memorial Day. Second only to the spectacle of seeing fans of all ages decked out in costume, I was most curious to see the Vader Project: a bunch of my favorite pop artists were invited to use a Darth helmet as a canvas. It was everything I’d hoped. Took some pictures with the crappy camera on my mobile phone, but you’re better off viewing everyone else’s pics on Flickr.

May the force be with you!

8 comments May 30th, 2007


Brochure Series

Over three years ago I proposed that we change our corporate name. After presenting my rationale, the board agreed. What came after was a needlessly long and painful process, because our management team severely lacks trigger-pullers. Over the course of that excruciating wait, all of our print collateral ran out or became outdated.

Though I tried hard to keep things moving where fiscal sense allowed, churning out promotions and miscellaneous stuff, it was an uphill battle to grow the business without the essentials in place. The “hurry up and wait” of the name change project wore not only on my nerves, but on my ability to take pride in my work.

After two and a half years poised on the starting block waiting for the gun to fire, they finally selected a name last August, and since then I’ve been off and running. To say I was busy over the last eight months would be an understatement. Logo, tagline, branding, website, mailers, booklets, brochures, signs, merchandise, posters, badges… Oh my!

I’m a one-person marketing department, so it was up to me to get everything ready for the April launch. Now that’s behind me, but my work life still doesn’t show any signs of slowing. In fact, with a more solid foundation in place, the frontier now seems wide open. After a long period of waiting, it feels good to make a positive impact again.

The labor of marketing is strikingly similar to bearing a child: conception, gestation, delivery. Each phase has a proper duration and things must happen in a certain order. The final output depends upon the quality of what was accomplished in those formative stages, however, if you drag any of it out too long you’ll endanger the mother.

If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, and this little momma is only happy when she’s being effective. Knowing it wasn’t right to print short collateral runs with the name change looming didn’t help me feel any better about being less productive. Certainly it wasn’t my fault, but I couldn’t work at one-third capacity and call it a job well done.

Once I read that procrastination was a major cause of depression, but since I’ve learned that being forced to put things off is even worse. Creative people need to run with ideas instead of waiting to be cleared for launch. Though I now have tons to add to my resume, I’m slightly more impressed by the personal trial I endured to get there.

Wheew… Time to get back to work!

16 comments April 17th, 2007

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