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I’ll Be Back


Tomorrow is my big day! Looking forward to when I’ll be able to type again… Don’t you think I haven’t had plenty of thoughts brewing in the meantime. They’re all waiting to explode on this page in coming days. Love to all of you… Be back soon!

PS: I’d love to work on a new skin for the site during the week of the 27th, so if any of you brilliant CSS junkies are inspired, please feel free to send your ideas my way… It’s about time for something fresh.

14 comments March 20th, 2006


Ultraviolet BMW
“These moments, as beautiful as they are, are evil when they’re gone.”

13 comments March 10th, 2006

Celeb Reality

A while back I posted about this Star Estimator that uses advanced facial recognition software to tell you which celebrities you resemble, and it was fun… But, then I discovered a site that’s way better at it: offers you a wider range options, so it’s not just one certain image of a celebrity, but many that you’re being compared with. Plus, it will also list your match percentage. When I entered my latest self-portrait, this is what I received in return:

Facial Recognition

If you want to play along, make sure you tell us which of the celebrity photos were a match, not simply whom. When I played around and put in a different photo, I got totally different matches, sometimes the same star in a different setting, and sometimes an entirely different person… Have fun!

11 comments January 30th, 2006

Rock Me Amadeus

Salzburg Mozart StatueHappy 250th Birthday, W. A. Mozart! In the past I’ve expressed my fervent love of classical music and his work is a big contributor to that passion.

Little known fact about me: For twelve years I was a devoted instrumentalist. Though my primary focus was the alto saxophone, I quickly learned (much to my dismay) that there was very little opportunity to play classical music on an instrument which was not invented until the romantic era… So, I learned many other ways to make great music.

Those early years fostered in me a great love for musical performance. Once you’ve played, it completely changes the experience of going to the symphony. Once you’ve analyzed a score, it revolutionizes the way you hear a piece played by an orchestra. You’re no longer sitting there, you’re actually inside the music and a part of the experience.

Haven’t been to the symphony in years… The mention of it makes me think of Dad. He was the only one in my family interested in such things. As one of those season ticket kind of guys, now and again he would let his daughter tag along… But then things changed with us.

Los Angeles now has a new concert hall. A freaky looking building near the courthouse. Sooner or later I’m going to have to find someone to join me for a performance by the LA Philharmonic. All weekend they’re playing Mozart on XM Classics, and it’s making me jones!

7 comments January 27th, 2006

Battlestar Girls

BSG LesbiansAll hail the glorious return of my one and only favorite show!

That’s correct, they aired the first new episode of BSG this evening, and if you missed it, don’t you fret about that:

You can download it tomorrow through Apple iTunes!

Now, it may just be my imagination, but I think I saw a little sexual tension building between two of the more “butch” ladies on the show. Yep! I seriously think Admiral Cain has a thing for my girlie Starbuck. And who could blame her really? Kara Thrace is a bootie-kicking hottie, card shark, cigar smoker, and a viper pilot… I mean, hello!

10 comments January 6th, 2006

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