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See Sharp

Last night I completed what our professor promises will be the most difficult exam of the semester. Considering that hers is my most challenging and inflexible class, that’s somewhat of a relief. Can’t wait to find out if I got a decent grade. One of the best things about a test week is that there’s no homework that weekend… Wahoo!

So many crazy things happened over the past few days that I wasn’t able to devote enough study time to ensure the “A” I’m looking for, but I wasn’t in the mood to spend that much effort on something I don’t enjoy anyway – C# Programming. Got a perfect score on her first exam though, so some of it must be making its way into my leaky pregnancy brain.

It’s such a privilege to go back to school for a degree in a field I’ll really enjoy. However, even now that I’ve cut my workload down to two courses per semester I still wonder if I’m cheating my family out of the best I can give. Often I’m stressed because of looming homework and exams and wonder if I’d be more cheerful and attentive without those obligations.

Not planning on dropping out though. Too near the finish line to stop now. And besides, there’s no way I’m going to listen to “Well, you didn’t finish college either!” twenty years from now from either of these kids.

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Music That Helped During Tough Times

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Chrome Dome

This is week 25 of my second and last pregnancy, and since this gestation began I’ve been shedding a much higher than normal amount of hair. After a couple months I mentioned it to my OB who assured me that my thyroid was fine and the inordinate hair loss was probably the result of shedding cycles synchronizing.

Many months later, I’m now even more concerned because the trend hasn’t reversed. When I was pregnant with my first, I think maybe I had to clean out my hairbrush once or twice during the entire nine months. Had the usual large “catch-up” amount of hair loss postpartum that I was expecting, but this pregnancy is different.

Not only am I shedding a ton of hair from my previously thick mane, but for the first time in my entire life I can get away with shaving maybe once every week or two instead of every few days. Let’s not even speak about the devastation happening to my eyelashes, because I might burst into tears. Tried researching online to discern what could be causing this abnormality, but came up empty.

So, unless I can figure out what this is all about, I’ll probably be bald by the time February or March rolls around and the crazy postpartum shedding hits. I know it’s just hair and I’m probably being vain, but this is seriously starting to stress me out… Which will probably only contribute to the problem.

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Something I Never Receive Compliments About

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Cover Model

So, our Mini Ninja did a little bit of modeling a couple weeks ago, and from what I can tell he must have done a decent job because one of his images was selected for the cover. Here’s hoping little man can keep his ego in check if this is any indication of what’s in store for him in the future.

There must be something wrong with me (what else is new?) because although I realize he’s a decent looking kid, I lack the common motherly tendency to believe that my baby is the best looking, most intelligent, best behaved human on the planet. However, as a total package, and a member of our silly little family, I think he’s pretty stinkin’ awesome.

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Someone I Wish I Didn’t Know

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Kick Me

With a baby girl on the way, it’s time to make some changes to the nursery. That room was already painted blue when we moved in here, and since we were expecting a boy at the time, I didn’t bother to incur the expense of repainting even though I would have preferred a different color.

Call it a desire for equality or simply the usual pregnancy nesting instincts, but I feel the need to add some slightly more feminine elements in there. So I picked up a few little decorations and am looking forward to adding some cute little owls and such to one of the walls. Should be fun. I’ll post pictures on Flickr once I’m finished.

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Someone Who Treated Me Poorly

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Long Life

Our baby boy is back to his normal self again. Thanks for all the tips and well wishes. As a result we now have a few new tricks up our sleeves for when it happens again. Ah, the painful business of building immunities.

Speaking of the mini ninja being himself, have I ever mentioned how he goes totally bonkers when either of us use a computer? This kid will go all out to get his hands on laptops, cell phones, cameras, or any other electronic devices. In fact, by the time this kid was about ten months old he knew how to get through the initial lock screen on our iPhones.

And woe be it unto you if you have the nerve to withhold such a device from his destructive little paws. You will hear a shriek that you thought died off along with the pterodactyls of long ago. This kid cracks me up, but I thought you should know what I’m up against when it comes to updates.

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Something I Hope I Never Have To Do

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