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We made it through the first three weeks with a newborn and as good as we thought our son was, our daughter makes him look bad. She is just so sweet, or at least she is so far. This is a huge blessing because the past week was very difficult. Our boy caught a cold that turned into a double ear infection which didn’t respond to amoxicillin. He’s finally on the mend thanks to a stronger antibiotic but that was rough on all of us.

It seems like everyone we know, regardless of what part of the country they’re living in, has suffered from one illness after another this winter. Almost positive I’ve been sick continuously since October. The second the last chunky cough from the previous cold goes my nose clogs up with something new. Really looking forward to sunshine and warmer days for everyone’s sake. Bring on the Vitamin D!

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Something I Wish I Hadn’t Done

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See Sharp

Last night I completed what our professor promises will be the most difficult exam of the semester. Considering that hers is my most challenging and inflexible class, that’s somewhat of a relief. Can’t wait to find out if I got a decent grade. One of the best things about a test week is that there’s no homework that weekend… Wahoo!

So many crazy things happened over the past few days that I wasn’t able to devote enough study time to ensure the “A” I’m looking for, but I wasn’t in the mood to spend that much effort on something I don’t enjoy anyway – C# Programming. Got a perfect score on her first exam though, so some of it must be making its way into my leaky pregnancy brain.

It’s such a privilege to go back to school for a degree in a field I’ll really enjoy. However, even now that I’ve cut my workload down to two courses per semester I still wonder if I’m cheating my family out of the best I can give. Often I’m stressed because of looming homework and exams and wonder if I’d be more cheerful and attentive without those obligations.

Not planning on dropping out though. Too near the finish line to stop now. And besides, there’s no way I’m going to listen to “Well, you didn’t finish college either!” twenty years from now from either of these kids.

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Music That Helped During Tough Times

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chrysalisI’ve been thinking about what to do with this blog for some time now. Meanwhile, most of my blogging buddies have given up on ever seeing me post again. Can’t say I blame you. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say, just that I’ve had nothing to say here.

My life has changed so much – and in such wonderful ways – that the original tone and usual content you found here just isn’t who I am right now. However, there’s still so much I’d like to share with those of you I’ve come to adore over the years. Expect an email from me in coming weeks with a link to the new site.

As for the Atomic Bombshell, she will not fade into oblivion just yet. In fact, I plan to relaunch this site to cover my passion for cycling. Eventually, I hope to help build a local cycling team and utilize this site as the communications hub for that group. Or who knows, maybe it can even serve to support female cyclists and related events throughout the region.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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Rest in Pieces

Rest in Pieces“I hate those fags on bikes. Every time I see one on the road I want to run them over with my truck” he said. “Oh yeah? Your wife will be on one of those bikes soon. You gonna run me over, too?” I asked. “Yep! Look, a cyclist. Thump! That used to be my wife, but now it’s a speed bump.” he replied, half joking, half his usual brand of control via intimidation.

So, it was no big surprise when, after months of panic attacks on the bike every time I rode within proximity of a silver Toyota Tacoma, one finally ran me down on what would have been our tenth wedding anniversary. No, it wasn’t my ex that took me out, but a total stranger… But still, pretty eerie, is it not?

I was riding with about thirty cyclists that morning and I was fifth from the lead. The truck overtook most of us, then cut a quick right turn into a driveway ahead of me, offering me no option but impact. I was able to slow down from about 18-20 mph to about 6-10 mph prior to the collision, but hitting a wall of steel at any speed is gonna hurt.

And hurt it does. This is my first day back at the keyboard in over a week, and I’m making it a short visit just to update. Although I was extremely fortunate that I didn’t go under his back wheel, I did suffer a great amount of damage from the three impacts: my bike hitting the truck, my body hitting the truck, and my body hitting the ground.

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Never Forget

Never Forget

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