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Simply uncomplicated but complexly simple.

Despite my primary role as a housewife in Orange County, California, I am neither blonde nor do I possess an eating disorder. I don’t even like to drink wine, which really puts me in the minority around here. Somehow I manage to blend in well enough, largely through the liberal application of Lululemon sportswear, which I enjoy mostly from a utilitarian standpoint, since four-way stretch really comes in handy when I’m chasing my two crazy toddlers.

I’m an undercover introvert. One of those rare INFJ type idealists. My belief system powerfully motivates me and is continuously refined as I am conformed to the image of Christ. After God, I love my sweet little family, to whom I am always grateful for putting up with me. I enjoy delving deep in thought, where I am permitted to be logical and direct, which I find very refreshing. I often fail to quickly change gears and respond casually when interrupted, prompting me to offer excuses like, “I was raised by wolves.” Sadly not far from true. These days I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who value what I have to offer and show me so much grace.

Some of my favorite things: prayer, research, apologetics, liberty, astronomy, minimalism, business strategy, developing a proper worldview, growing in knowledge and discernment, homeschooling, fitness, nutrition, Austrian economics, mid-century modern, political activism, blowing minds with the power of applied mathematics, the color palette seen in the male peacock, hearts (shape not organ), ridiculous fashion accessories, and gorgeous skies.

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About Me